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101 in 1001

Welcome to my 101-in-1001 project page! Below, I have defined 101 goals that I will try to reach within 1001 days. The list was launched on September 22nd 2010, which means that the time is up on June 20th 2013.

This date coincides with my plans to graduate, so it seems reasonable to list some things I want to achieve before that. This is the second time I start a 101-list (the previous list can be found here), and even though I think the setup has several flaws, I do think that a list such as this is useful.

I think of it not as a list of goals or things to accopmlish, but rather a number of different directions I'd like to progress. For instance, secifying a number of creative goals doesn't imply that these goals are meant to be what matters, instead it means that creativity is something I would like to focus more on than I do. Reading this list will probably tell you as much about the person I am now as the person I want to become.

This list will be maintained both here on Snigel.nu and on a website dedicated to projects like this. You can visit my profile there or simply browse the main page for inspiration and information. Click here if you want to see a list of posts regarding this project.

Status and minor updates will be posted here!

My list runs from September 22nd 2010 to June 20th 2013. I have 97 tasks left.

A task that I have not started
A task that I have started but not completed
A task that I have completed
A task that I have failed with


(a brief introduction to these goals)
Publish my role-playing game Magneter och mirakel
Publish the story-telling game Nostalgia
Publish yet another Kaleidoskop game
Contribute 20 articles to Haragada
Complete my current novel
Write another novel (about Taiwan)
Write ten short stories
Write an article about the snel hest meme

Experience and play

(a brief introduction to these goals)
Learn to average blindfolded cubing below 10 minutes and over 90% accuracy
Learn to solve three cubes blindfolded
Solve the 5x5x5 cube without any help
Send a photo of myself to random people and ask them to describe what kind of person I am
Spend one day blindfolded
Use my left hand instead of my right for one week
Spend three days with no contact with civilisation
Participate in three competitions of any kind
Collect images, quotes or scraps and put them on display
Get some informative and fancy business cards
Buy five new board or card games
Watch the top 100 movies on IMDB
Watch 5 movies from each continent
Compile a "best of Snigel" CD and trade it with 10 others for their favourite music
Find ten new bands I really like

Everyday life

(a brief introduction to these goals)
Cook 25 new vegetarian dishes
Analyse what I eat three times, one week each
Use dental floss every day for a month
Learn to sleep comfortably on my back
Make sure I have enough plants to be satisfied
Buy something from Hans-Werner Sahm
Distill memories from Taiwan into something that can be put on a wall
Study three books about sleeping
Monitor everything I buy for one month
Don't accept second best solutions in my apartment because I'm lazy
Get an ID card
Update and upgrade my medical equipment
Don't eat meat I've bought myself more than once a week
Explore, research and evaluate the electronic book reader market
Follow my no-new-books manifesto
Have an economic buffer after 1001 days of at least 50 000 SEK (can be borrowed)
Re-examine the need for reading glasses

Social and society

(a brief introduction to these goals)
Attend two first-aid course
Donate blood 5 times
Refresh my driving skills 3 times
Praise 10 strangers in person for something they have done well
Go to a party where I know less than 10% of the people
Take a dancing class (minimum ten times)
Focus on talking clearly and evaluate progress five times
Perform ten random acts of kindness


(a brief introduction to these goals)
Have a total of at least 120 academic credits in Chinese
Write 100 000 characters worth of blog entries in Chinese
Launch HackingChinese.com and publish at least 50 articles
Have one month with over 5000 unique visitors to HackingChinese.com
Write a book about learning Chinese
Read ten university level textbooks in Chinese
Read a total of 10000 pages of Chinese (any text at any level)
Be able to listen to news broadcasts in Chinese with close to full comprehension
Learn the lyrics of 50 songs in Chinese
Correct all the listed pronunciation mistakes in Chinese, at least when reading
Record one hour of Chinese to study my pronunciation
Learn at least 5000 new words and/or characters
Learn to recognise all simplified Chinese characters
Keep review queues in Anki at zero
Offer my help to all arriving Taiwanese exchange students
Record one issue of the Economist to study English pronunciation
Study one solid English grammar book
Learn all the TOEFL words in my electronic dictionary
Learn IPA for Chinese and English pronunciation

Physical activities

(a brief introduction to these goals)
Be able to perform 15 dives with a degree of difficulty over 2.0
Walk 100 metres on my hands
Hold a planche for five seconds
Hold a front lever for five seconds
Do one handstand push-up with clap
Do one muscle-up to handstand
Do one one-arm chin-up (left and right side)
Perform a front flip on solid ground
Perform a back flip on solid ground
Perform a front handspring on solid ground
Perform a back handspring on solid ground
Be able to reach full front split
Be able to reach full side split
Sargent's jump 80 cm
Study an anatomy handbook and learn at least 200 anatomical words


(a brief introduction to these goals)
Read ten interesting articles about second language acquisition
Learn and write about the five top origins of migration to Sweden outside Scandinavia
Create a system to record and keep useful classroom activities
Get 2.0 on the Swedish Scholastic Aptitude Test (need not be formal due to the cost)
Take one extra evening or summer course
Evaluate myself as a teacher with the help of mentor(s)
Formulate a teaching manifesto for English
Formulate a teaching manifesto for Chinese
Write a CV and have it commented by someone knowledgeable

Computer activity

(a brief introduction to these goals)
Fix the browser bug on Snigel.nu
Merge SoaringCloudDragon.blogspot.com and Snigel.nu
Sort and organise all personal files on all computers and all servers
Sort and organise all photos
Establish a file system that works over many computers


(a brief introduction to these goals)
Explain and motivate all goals on the list
Write about the former list, the current and the relationship between them
Publish something about each task on the list
Write a concluding essay on the subject of this list

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