Throughout my life I have always tried to understand the world around me. Sometimes I feel that I am sucessful in this, or at least that I have glimpsed a part of something important. In this section, I share my observations and reflections with you. I also publish various projects aimed at understanding things, albeit that some of them are veritable culs-de-sac. The point is that these articles are independent and much more serious than the majority of content on They are considered articles and sorted here.

Published in this category

2015-08-14: My new job at Uppsala University
2014-06-21: Playing with Praat: Identifying Mandarin syllables
2014-06-12: I have spoken more Chinese than English in my life so far
2014-04-14: Playing with Praat, part 2: Monophthongs
2014-04-08: Playing with Praat, part 1: Cardinal vowels and vowel space
2013-05-18: Introducing creative Saturdays
2013-03-03: An ode to a doubling cube
2012-01-25: The pancake omelette
2012-01-13: Timeboxing physical workout
2011-10-27: Zen, smart phones and the now
2011-07-12: To inspire and to be inspired
2010-08-17: Bedevilled books
2010-05-02: My overall language-learning strategy
2010-03-05: How I handle difficult decisions
2010-02-27: 26 years and counting
2009-10-11: Unique reading experiences
2009-02-27: 25 years and still going strong
2008-12-26: Beloved books
2008-07-01: In the country of the blind
2008-01-12: Snigelism: Relieving a burdened mind
2008-01-06: Snigelism: The Illusory Choice of Postponement
2007-11-24: A guide to Carcassonne strategy: The basics
2007-11-06: 1000 days with Dvorak
2007-08-23: Why I dislike long novels
2007-08-16: Listening to audio books
2007-08-08: Changing the 101-in-1001 list
2007-07-05: Krävs ett fotografi för att det ska räknas?
2007-02-22: Sista sömnrapporten – 30 dagar
2007-02-08: Andra sömnrapporten – 20 dagar
2007-01-28: Första sömnrapporten – 10 dagar
2007-01-22: Sömnexperiment
2006-11-28: Källkritik i praktiken
2006-02-09: Snigelism: The Purpose of Time Management
2005-12-08: Snigelism: Introduction
2005-10-22: Rollspel över internet
2005-02-15: Dvorak