There is a somewhat arbitrary line between this category and the blog category in that the blog is about what I do and this one is about myself. Here I've sorted things of high importance that I don't want drowned in the flux of comparatively nonsensical blog entries. If you check my website infrequently, this is where you should go to see what of importance has happened since your last visit.

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2015-02-28: Happy 31st birthday to me!
2014-06-12: I have spoken more Chinese than English in my life so far
2014-05-10: Letar lägenhet i Stockholm till hösten
2014-02-27: Halfway to 60, happy birthday to me!
2013-08-07: Gymnastics, cookies and body weight
2013-05-18: Introducing creative Saturdays
2013-03-25: Novel writing: Babel revisited
2013-03-23: Time logging a week in March 2013
2013-02-27: Happy 29th birthday to me
2012-09-16: Settling in, adjusting, studying and practising (gymnastics)
2012-08-25: An end is also a beginning
2012-05-24: One scholarship and two admissions – Introduction
2011-11-22: Berlin 2011
2011-11-04: Morning routines
2011-10-27: Zen, smart phones and the now
2011-07-12: To inspire and to be inspired
2011-07-06: Taiwan and the Black Box
2011-06-25: Monitor everything I buy for one month
2011-06-24: Towards a more personal website
2011-06-15: Launching Hacking Chinese
2011-06-14: The Wall – Stockholm 2011
2011-02-27: 27 and counting
2010-10-22: Education plans revamped
2010-10-17: Explaining the 101 list, 4: Social and society
2010-10-15: Resettled in Linköping
2010-09-30: Explaining the 101 list, 3: Everyday life
2010-09-28: Explaining the 101 list, 2: Experience and play
2010-08-17: Bedevilled books
2010-07-24: What has been going on and what will happen
2010-07-03: About departures and death
2010-03-05: How I handle difficult decisions
2010-02-27: 26 years and counting
2010-02-11: One more for the road
2009-10-11: Unique reading experiences
2009-09-15: Climbing Maslow’s pyramid
2009-08-04: A foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds
2009-06-02: To stay, that is the answer
2009-05-23: To stay or not to stay, that is the question
2009-04-25: Scholarship: Bad news
2009-02-27: 25 years and still going strong
2008-12-19: Moving to Gaoxiong
2008-08-24: Almost a week alone and away from civilisation
2008-07-01: In the country of the blind
2008-06-30: June 2008 monthly report
2008-05-31: May 2008 monthly report
2008-04-30: April 2008 monthly report
2008-04-25: Scholarship: Acquired
2008-03-31: March 2008 monthly report
2008-03-17: Scholarship: Application
2008-02-29: February 2008 monthly report
2008-02-27: 24 years survival
2008-01-31: January 2008 monthly report
2008-01-09: Character: Olle Linge
2007-11-13: No more daily neigong
2007-10-17: …and moving in
2007-10-16: Moving out…
2007-09-16: Moving in two weeks
2007-07-09: Mer lik en snigel med huset på ryggen
2007-04-02: Alvas återkomst
2007-02-27: 23 år i livet
2007-02-21: Hejdå, Alva
2006-09-30: Find out what is wrong with my back
2006-08-20: Flytt
2006-06-26: Hemma och vidare
2005-11-20: Det sista kilot O’boy
2005-08-24: Kursändring i livets strida ström
2005-01-26: Alva Mårdsjö
2004-09-06: Flyttad
2004-06-18: Alva