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In January 2008, I learned of a scholarship that would enable me to study Chinese in Taiwan for a year. Almost four months later, I had acquired the scholarship and on 2nd September, I left for Taiwan. This category is for all things related to my stay in Taiwan. If you have questions, comments or just want to say hello, please do so (language does not matter, if you ask in Swedish, I will answer in Swedish). I truly appreciate feedback in any form, including suggestions on what you would like me to write about. See the about page for more contact information. As of July 2009, it seems likely I'll stay in Taiwan at least until the summer of 2010.

If you feel that you need to dust off your knowledge about Taiwan, please refer to my briefing on Taiwan


Published in this category

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2010-02-16: Miscellaneous pictures autumn 2009, part 1
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2010-01-11: Winter vacation and Chinese new year
2010-01-01: Happy New Year!
2009-12-24: Merry Christmas… sort of
2009-12-05: It’s time to leave the surface
2009-11-26: Desecrating Beethoven
2009-11-21: Revisiting Gaoxiong
2009-10-19: Hakka Yimin Festival
2009-10-16: First month of studies at NTNU completed
2009-09-29: Back on track
2009-09-23: The bright side of campus
2009-09-21: Bureaucratic skein unravelled?
2009-09-19: First week of studying completed
2009-09-18: Crash course in how to make new students anxious
2009-09-15: Climbing Maslow’s pyramid
2009-09-14: Settled, for good or for worse
2009-09-13: And then the path forked again
2009-09-12: A friend in need is a friend indeed
2009-09-11: Taiwan regained
2009-09-10: Itinerary
2009-09-09: Saying good-bye
2009-09-07: Visa secured
2009-09-06: The last few days in Sweden
2009-09-05: Personal economy for a year in Taiwan
2009-08-30: Studying Chinese
2009-06-19: Safely back in Sweden
2009-06-13: Gaoxiong everyday life in pictures, 2009
2009-06-09: 18th June/10th September: Flight ticket booked
2009-06-02: To stay, that is the answer
2009-05-26: Chinese proficiency report 6
2009-05-23: To stay or not to stay, that is the question
2009-04-29: A week in Taiwan
2009-04-25: Scholarship: Bad news
2009-04-18: Next semester: What’s going on?
2009-04-14: Chinese proficiency report 5
2009-03-20: Applications for fall 2009 submitted
2009-03-02: The kamikaze approanch to learning Chinese
2009-02-27: 25 years and still going strong
2009-02-25: Chinese proficiency report 4
2009-02-08: Taiwan, Chinese and the future
2009-02-05: Travelling concluded, vacation continuing
2009-02-02: Pictures from Gaoxiong
2009-02-01: New home in Gaoxiong
2009-01-29: Green Island
2009-01-25: Gorgeous Taroko
2009-01-24: Frosty circumstances
2009-01-23: Sun Moon Lake
2009-01-22: Fish, mist and jade
2009-01-20: Sunrise, hiking and some well deserved rest
2009-01-19: Towards Alishan
2009-01-19: Leaving Xinzhu
2009-01-16: Chinese name: Follow-up
2009-01-07: Apartment found
2008-12-24: Merry Christmas!
2008-12-19: Moving to Gaoxiong
2008-12-08: Where cloud dragons play
2008-11-28: Diving in Gaoxiong
2008-11-24: Chinese proficiency report 3
2008-11-04: ??????
2008-10-20: Hand-stand-still
2008-09-28: Chinese proficiency report 2
2008-09-18: Seriously, why Chinese?
2008-09-15: First language lesson
2008-09-13: Typhoon Sinlaku
2008-09-12: First visit to Xinzhu
2008-09-09: Chinese proficiency report 1
2008-09-06: Settling in
2008-09-05: Power, food and football
2008-09-04: Campus tour, new phone and computer problems
2008-09-03: Hello Taiwan
2008-09-03: Safe and sound
2008-09-02: Good-bye Sweden
2008-08-18: Visa application completed
2008-06-12: Quo vadis, Taiwan?
2008-06-09: No HIV, no TBC, thank you
2008-05-24: Flight booked
2008-05-17: Briefing: Taiwan
2008-04-25: Scholarship: Acquired
2008-03-17: Scholarship: Application
2000-09-29: Studying Chinese in Taiwan