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New home in Gaoxiong

I have now moved to Gaoxiong and everything here is fine so far. My apartment is located in the Sanmin (三民) district to the north of downtown Gaoxiong, a city of roughly three million people in the south Taiwan. I live around fifteen minutes walk from the underground and less than five minutes walk from the college at which I’ll study next semester (Wenzao Ursuline College of Languages). The price is not bad, NT$ 6600 a month, which is about 50 % more expensive than my previous apartment, but only about half of my rent in Sweden (the price here is roughly 1600 Swedish crowns). To have something to compare with, my scholarship gives me NT$ 25 000 each month and the tuition fee for the college is close to NT$ 40 000 per semester.

The building seems new, everything is high-standard (much better than my old apartment) and I’m in general very positive.  Furthermore, the window faces a small courtyard and some alleys with almost no traffic; I can hear a fountain five stories down. Having a northward-facing window somewhere in the middle of the building is excellent for two reasons: I’ll have no direct sunlight during the summer, which will make it a bit more bearable, at the same time as five stories up is enough to escape most pollution. Perfect.

Rather than going on about it, I’ll give you a few pictures, nothing fancy, but they’ll convey the basic idea:

I guess most streets here look something like this, but this happens to be mine.

It’s a quite nice street, especially since my window faces away from the street.

No, all the shoes aren’t mine.

Drawers and cupboards are nice when you’ve lived without them for five months.

Hello Kitty!

Yes, it’s a bit barren so far, but I’ll try to change that as soon as possible.

The courtyard directly below my window.

Night view from the roof of the building.

Night view from the roof of the building.

Night view from the roof of the building.

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  1. Xhakhal’s avatar

    Quite some setup :) It looks really nice, especially compared to your last apartement. THe cupboards looks almost exactly like my mother’s new wardrobes too XD


  2. johan’s avatar

    All the shoes arent yours? I beg to differ, you looked great in those high heel pradas on new years ;)