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Taiwan, Chinese and the future

For some of you, this won’t come as a surprise, but that’s due to the fact that you’ve talked to me privately in some way, rather than as a result of my publishing something about  it on my website. Thinking about my future plans here in Taiwan, concerning the study of Chinese,  I realised that I’ve accidentally left most of you in the dark.

As you might know, my scholarship is good for one year of Chinese studies, focusing on language only. This means that the original plan was to finish my year here and go back to Sweden when this semester ends in June or so, but things have changed since then.

No, I’m not going to say that I’ll stay here longer than that, but I am going to say that I’m at least considering to do that. As it stands now, I think it likely that one year will be enough and that I’ll return this summer. However, since I entertain the thought of staying longer, I think it would be stupid of me not to do whatever I can to keep open as many possibilities as I can. Assessing what I will think this summer about continuing studying here is impossible, so postponing the decision is the prudent way.

In practise, this means that I’ll apply for an extension of my scholarship here, either through various institutions such as universities or colleges, or via government ministries, such as the one I have now from the Ministry of  Education. I repeat that this doesn’t mean that I’ll stay, but it means that  I’m planing to create a choice to stay or to return home, rather than having the decision forced upon me by an expiring scholarship. Also, I have to be accepted for the scholarship in order to be able to stay, something which is far from a certainty.

Having studied language for one year, it’s impossible to focus only on that in the future, because most scholarship are for programs of various kinds (undergraduate for me). However, language is still what I care most about, so what I study isn’t very important, as long as it will enable me to learn more Chinese. I’m interested in most subjects, and except for technical ones, I’ll see if  I can find something which is useful at the same time as allowing me to continue pursuing my goal to learn Chinese fluently. All these things will come together in a month or two, and of course I will announce any decisions or results regarding my future here or elsewhere in the world.

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  1. Xhakhal’s avatar

    As I said, I don’t know if I’m to be happy that you’re considering coming back or happy that you’re considering staying away for another year, but I think I’ll just be happy for you as long as you do what you -want- to do :)

    Which you will. Because you’re one of those smart people.


  2. Can’s avatar

    Hej Olle!

    I agree with the last blogger. However I think you should consider the fact, that you’ll miss the beachvolley-season back here if you stay longer and that’s just terrible =)
    Hoppas du mår bra för övrigt!


  3. Olle Linge’s avatar

    Hej Can! :)

    Regardless of what happens, I’m still pretty sure that I will return to Sweden at least for the summer. I miss some things in Sweden and going back for a month or two seems reasonable, especially considering that the weather here wil be unbearable. Exactly when I go home depends on what I will do next semester, but since my classes her stop in the middl of June, I should say it’s not very likely that I go home before July. If I fail to get a scholarship, I will probably stay here longer during the summer, but, as you say, it would be a shame to miss the volleyball season in Linköping, so I’m not going to stay forever. :)


  4. Svante’s avatar

    Volleyboll! Hop hest!