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Antioch officially closed down

Roughly four years ago, I launched an online, text-based role-playing game derived from some ideas me and a friend had after watching the Matrix. The setting had so much potential that was totally left unused and with some tweaking, we were sure that we could create an interesting setting for such a game. We were right. Even though activity has been ebbing and flooding during this time, in total, there are well above 800 logged sessions in the archive. This is an extraordinary amount of text sparked by the collective creativity of a small and ever-changing group of dedicated players.

Since I moved to Taiwan, though, I’ve gradually decreased my involvement in the game and left most of the plot devising to the other players (I was never a traditional game master as such, but I had some key elements of the overall plot on my consciousness). I played sporadically last autumn, but interest and motivation dwindled not only for me, but for the other players as well. Even though the story is far from completed, we have now decided to close down the game officially. In order to do so, a short note and a short piece of concluding fiction have been posted about it on the official website, which from now on can be found here (the wiki will be there for a long time, so it’s safer to refer to that address rather than to the Antioch main page).

Antioch has meant much to me during these years, not only when it comes to creative writing. I have found some new friends, I’ve had a lot of fun and I’ve learnt much. After personally participating in 250 sessions in the beginning of 2008, I wrote something about what Antioch means to me and most of it still holds true. Even though Antioch is now dead, some elements will live on through me and through the other players. As you might know, I’m in the process of writing a novel which is heavily based on my view of Antioch and some of its characters. It will contain the end of it all as I wanted to have it, although adopted to another medium. Strangely, I don’t feel sad about leaving this big project, because I know that the best parts will prevail and that other things will fill the empty spaces left by the fall of Antioch.

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  1. Xhakhal’s avatar

    *gråter blod*

    I don’t feel… sad. Or, I’m sad it wasn’t finished, I would have liked to see it finished, but it was difficult to summon up the energy for the massive amount of ‘work’ that had to be done to finish it would have been very difficult in the end, at least right now for me.

    It’s still the longest campaign I’ve been involved in, and the one that actually had the time to mean the most. Also, it helped me artistically, in an almost bizarre way, so it gets some points for that as well ;) And… even if it took me half a year to understand that I could participate and decide things about the game TOO, well, it was very fun to feel that even as a new player, I was able to contribute to something this old and immense :D

    I hope the next project can bring the same feeling to some other newbie that comes along :)


  2. Olle Linge’s avatar

    I hope the next project will, too, and I’m sure we will find equally interesting, albeit not so long-winded stories to play. By the way, you are without much doubt the most important friend I’ve met through Antioch. Sure, we were acquainted before, but you know what I mean. Thanks. :)


  3. Wera’s avatar

    Despite the overall lack of motivation recently, at least in the overall storyline (for me, part of the “problem” was that I became more interested in storylines that involved only two or maybe three characters) and in coming to a real end, it does feel a bit sad that it’s officially over. It felt a bit empty to read the text on the wiki, to realise Antioch’s become something to be spoken of in past tense: but on the other hand, I’m looking forward to what’ll be next.


  4. Jocke’s avatar

    Wow… Det var typ tusen år sedan jag läste på wrnu om antioch och bestämde mig att kika in. Jag hade väl missat 15-20 av de första sessionerna men jag blev grymt fast och tyckte det var grymt kul. Jag kände mig även väldigt engagerad och lade med nöje ned energi på hela Antioch även utanför sessionerna… Hur som helst så känner jag att jag höll i länge men tappade till slut – till stor del av förändringar i mitt liv.

    Via antioch så lärde jag känna dig och hela linköpingssällskapet… Det har betytt mycket för mig. Jag har haft otroligt många timmar av underhållning genom det här och även involverat mig känslomässigt. Otroligt givande och trots att jag inte tänkt på det på länge så får jag en liten stött i hjärtat när jag vet att det är slut. Otroligt speciellt har det varit även om jag missat extrema mängder spel sedan jag slutade…

    Tack för allt för övrigt…
    Jocke (Gastono)


  5. Olle Linge’s avatar

    Jocke: Det var jättekul att ha dig med och jag tror inte att vi skulle kommit så långt om inte du och jag drev på det i början. På det stora hela är jag också nöjd med hur spelet har varit, inte minst för alla trevliga människor man lärt känna. Vi lär spela andra saker i fortsättningen, så hör av dig om du är intresserad!


  6. Rygar’s avatar

    Det är fantastiskt att det blev så stort det blev till slut. Även om jag bara var med i början så känner jag fortfarande starkt för spelet. Synd att det där kortspelet stal all min tid bara…


  7. Olle Linge’s avatar

    Rygar: Ja, det är lite tufft. Det anade nog ingen av oss när vi trevande började spela. :) Men det var väldigt roligt, om än ganska annorlunda, både i början och i slutet. Tack för din medverkan!