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March 2009 montly report

This is my fifteenth monthly report. To review introductory comments and the purpose of these reports, please refer to the initial report made for January 2008. For more overall planning and goal-managing, see the Project page. Text in italics is copied from the previous monthly report for reference.

Looking back: March 2009

Physical I have a few areas I want to keep developing, most importantly diving. Even though I’ll be busier than I thought at first, I’ll try to go to the diving pool ten times in March. That should be enough to progress.

Not quite. All my other activities taken into account, it turns out that Monday and Tuesday are the only really good days to go diving, and doing it two days in a row isn’t very good. I went diving only five times, but I still think I’m making progress, although a bit slowly.

Furthermore, I’ll keep going with planche and front lever workout; here ten times should be enough, even though more would be desirable. My current record for tucked front lever is 48 seconds.

Although I didn’t keep count because I lost the sheet of paper I used to note down my exercising, I’m sure I did this more than ten times. Still, I’m not progressing a lot, so perhaps I should try to do it more often (from what I understand both these exercises can be done daily without any serious problems). I like this workout and will continue.

Even though it doesn’t feel very important now, I also want to keep going for the one-arm chin-up, but at this pace it will take ages. Doing OAC workout ten times should take me a bit further down the road.

I might not have reached the ten times, but I’m at least moving in the right direction. The beginning of the month was horrible, but for the past three weeks or so I’ve been exercising two to three times a week. My negative OAC is quite okay, at least for the right arm.

Same as for last month, ten hours stretching is on the menu for March. I need to increase flexibility in my legs, as well as abdomen and shoulders. It takes time, but it’s worth it.

Haha. Ten hours indeed. I did two, perhaps three. If  I want to become more flexible, I need a completely different method. This doesn’t work and I’m hereby abandoning it.

Creativity – I don’t know what to do here. I spend a lot of time in front of the computer as it is, and most of my creative projects involve writing. I can keep the goal from last month to complete part one as well as write synopses for five short stories, but it might be hard to keep. Still, I need to find a balance where creative output fits into my normal life. I’m going to start role-playing here again, but that’s not the same as writing. I can feel motivation for writing role-playing related stuff is stirring, but it’s too early to do anything about it.

Success in every important aspect. I did finish part one using roughly 29 000 words doing so. This feels incredibly good. The short stories cannot be said to be fully fleshed out and ready to be written, but I have a few concepts I want to explore. I’m very satisfied with this result.

Education It seems like I’ll be in a class which level is way above mine and it will require a lot of effort to survive. My goal is simply to do all the homework, prepare all texts in advance and make sure I get my 85/100 I need for the scholarship.

So far, so good. We’ve only had one small test and I managed to get 94 on that one (which only was because I spent a lot of time preparing; it was that kind of test). I have survived and it requires less and less effort to do so. I still need to spend lots of time previewing chapters, but that’s fine.

I’m also going to apply for an extension of the scholarship I have here, which means that I’ll have to collect and send a lot of documents to the Taiwan office in Stockholm. It’ll be a bit frustrating, but it needs to be done before the end of March.

Done. I have a few documents that need to be sent in, but the most important applications have already reached their destinations. I will report what happens later, but it will probably be a while until I know something for certain (perhaps as late as June).

Looking forward: April 2009

Physical – This should be pretty obvious by now, but I intend to continue mainly with planche, front lever, handstand and one-arm chin-up. Rather than specifying exactly what I’m going to do, I’ll let it suffice to state how many times I would like to focus on the various areas. My record,if relevant, is noted in brackets.

Planche:16 (39 seconds tucked)
Front lever: 16 (48 seconds tucked)
Handstand: 12
OAC: 12

Creativity – After having started some role-playing with a few friends, I have felt an upsurge in my motivation to complete Magneter och mirakel, and would genuinely be stupid not to take this opportunity to write as much as possible. Mainly, I will try to complete the four adventures that will be included in the book, as well as revise the rules (only minor changes, but it still needs doing).

Even though I won’t write anything on the novel or the short stories this month, I’ll try to launch an IRC-based campaign in the same setting as I use for parts of the novel. This is not meant to be long-lasting, but it will probably be fun and a good way to explore the setting.

Education – A couple of days ago, I discovered that I have passed a certain limit for reading Chinese books (for children). I’ve found a quite nice level where I can read books and understand the text without using a dictionary. Of course, I still need to look up a few words here and there, but reading like this, I don’t care about understanding everything as long as I get the main point. When learning languages, quantity is king. I will read at least 1000 pages of Chinese children’s books during April!

I have a number of people who are prepared to help me with speaking Chinese (some of them are studying to become teachers and thus need the practice) and I will try to take this opportunity more seriously. Right now, I have two meeting scheduled every week, so meeting ten times for conversation practice in April seems reasonable.

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  1. Pengan’s avatar

    Tja, du jag hittade denna när jag rotade igenom gamla länkar en dag när jag hade tråkigt. Nu är det dock så att jag blev RIKTIGT intresserad av det du skrev om rollspel över irc, och skulle vilja ha en rapport hur det fungerar senare. Jag har funderat på olika sätt att fjärradministrera rollspel, allt från speciell mjukvara till olika gruppsamtalsmjukvara som irc, scype, msn-chat, irc och liknande.

    Jag bor ju tyvärr i utkanten av Umeå, men mina rollspelskompisar bor mest i Stockolm, eller Örnsköldsvik, och de få som BOR i Umeå tycker att 40 :- enkel resa för buss it till Holmsund är bortom deras budget.

    Då jag gärna vill ha mina böcker innom “orka-hämta-håll” blir det lite sega kampanjer. Förresten, du vet inte vad den där “rita-och-gissa” websidan finns ? Funderat på att använda den för grafiskt redskap, t.ex. kartor/strider.

    Hur som helst får du gärna slänga iväg ett e-mail hit med hur det fungerar.


  2. Olle Linge’s avatar


    Jag har skrivit om det här ett par gånger förut, så ta gärna en titt på följande inlägg. Rent generellt fungerar det jättebra att spela över IRC. Jag har ännu inte provat att använda regler, dock, vilket skulle kunna göra det rejält mycket värre.

    250 sessions of Antioch
    Rollspel över Internet

    Den andra är rätt gammal, men det jag tar upp stämmer ändå rätt bra fortfarande. Har du några ytterligare frågor är det bara att hojta.