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Today Taiwan, December Dubai*

As some of you might know, Arabic is a language I’ve been interested in for some time, but which I haven’t studied properly yet. If anyone would have asked me about my future prospects for learning this language, I would probably have replied that they are slim, if not non-existent. However, since March 4th, things have changed a lot. The reason I haven’t written anything about this previously is quite simple, I didn’t know for sure and I didn’t want to simply speculate on what was going to happen next semester.

So what is going to happen next year? As the title implies, it seems like I will be moving to Dubai in late December. Last month, a business man representing a prominent engineering firm (I’m not allowed to disclose the name of the company yet) contacted me and after a fairly long e-mail conversation, he offered me the opportunity to visit Dubai for one semester to learn Arabic on the one hand, and to teach him English on the other. Even though this opportunity is incredibly improbable, it would normally not be enough to make me change my plans, but the salary he’s offering makes me unable to refuse. Besides, the only result for my future career is that everything would be delayed for six months up to a year, which is fine by me.

I still haven’t adjusted my mental state to the prospect of changing country again, but I’m confident that it will mostly be an enriching and novel experience. Moving to Taiwan was indeed something new and I assume that the Arabic society is as different from Sweden as is Taiwan. Fortunately, Dubai is much closer to Sweden and I have been granted the possibility to go home perhaps once every month if I want to. It will be a lot easier to keep in contact with friends in Sweden and if anyone is interested in coming to visit me, I’m sure we can arrange something. Also, since I’m not leaving until December, I’ll stay in Sweden for one semester, finishing the last semester on my English education.

I realise that this post is incomplete and much remains to be said, but rather than waiting a long time and post something comprehensible, I prefer to at least let you know what’s going on. As soon as I have time, I’ll provide more detail, but now it’s time to say good-bye.

كِذْبَةُ نَيْسان أو ضحيّتها

Update: The above text in Arabic reads “April Fool’s” if I weren’t tricked in turn (that would have been a nice one). Although it would be nice to study Arabic at some point in my life, I have no plans whatsoever on doing so. If I’m awarded the scholarship, next year will be more Taiwan, and if not, I’ll finish my education in Sweden. However, if you happen to be an extraordinary rich Emirate business man, do feel free to contact me.

I think April Fool’s Day is good for many reasons. People feel a little bit nervous when they read newspapers and surf the internet. This is the feeling they should have every day, so practising once every year is not that bad! The custom is not very wide-spread in Taiwan, it seems, but Vanessa still said some people acknowledged it.

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  1. Martin Ackerfors’s avatar

    “Comments in Chinese, English, French and Swedish are welcome!”


  2. Ewa Kamila’s avatar

    haha, nice, fool day !


  3. Kalle’s avatar

    Si tu dois partir (en Dubai), va-t’en!


  4. Kalle’s avatar

    “Doubai”, kanske


  5. Kristina’s avatar

    Hej Olle! Går in på din blogg för första gången på flera månader och läser det här. Haha.. you got me right there! För ja, man vet ju aldrig vad som händer på andra sidan jorden.. har du nu fått blodad tand på att läsa nya främmande språk så kommer du väl aldrig tillbaka till Sverige.

    Själv har jag också flytt hemlandet ett tag, men beräknar att komma tillbaka till början av sommaren. Vore kul att ses om du är i Linköpingstrakterna i sommar!

    Ta hand om dig. Och kram.


  6. Olle Linge’s avatar

    Kristina: Ja, det var lite det som var tanken; många hemma har ju försteåligt nog inte jättebra koll. :) Jag kommer med största sannolikhet hem till sommaren även om det finns chans/risk att jag åker tillbaka hit och fortsätter att plugga i höst. Det vore trevligt att träffas i vilket fall! Jag tror det ger sig i sommar om inte annat. :) Jag gissar på mitten av juli, men det är omöjligt att säga något säkert.