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Scholarship: Bad news

Earlier this evening, I received bad news concerning my scholarship application. Even though the selection process is not over yet, my chances to receive the four-year scholarship to continue studying Chinese here in Taiwan has diminished greatly. The deadline for the selection process is on June 30th, so only then will I know for sure what will happen next semester. However, if not something unlikely happens, I won’t have the scholarship to support my stay here.

Something unlikely in this case would be the chosen candidate failing to apply in time, being denied admission to the university in Taiwan or simply choosing to drop out. In other words, I’m on the “waiting list”. Of these scenarios, only the last one is remotely probable, because there is simply no way that a university here will deny a student like that access to courses here, especially if he or she has got backing in the form of the scholarship, and I also doubt the responsible people would have chosen a student lazy enough to fail to apply for some other reason. This being the case, I count the chance of receiving the scholarship as being zero for all practical purposes. Still, things aren’t finally decided yet, and I shouldn’t entirely rule out the possibility, however unlikely.

So, does that mean that I’m going to leave Taiwan and study in Sweden next semester? Not necessarily. I still have the option to stay here on my own, supporting myself either with lesser scholarships or with saved money. This is an option, but it is an option I need to think carefully about. This money is what I plan to use for completing my education in Sweden and if I use it, it means I will have to take loans for the remainder of my education in Sweden when I get back.

What is in favour for staying here regardless? I like my life here, I like studying Chinese. If I stay here longer, I would be able to make my Chinese to a level where it would be professionally useful and I’m convinced the education itself is good. Of course, I could come back to Taiwan later in my life if I want to. I know what this country is like and it would be a lot easier coming back the second time. However, the inconvenience of moving house between two countries in different parts of the world makes me think that if I want to stay here longer, I should do it now, not later.

What is in favour for going home? Basically, only financial factors. There is a possibility that I might run into trouble with my as yet unfinished university education in Sweden if I stay here too long, but that’s still a theoretical problem. Graduating would of course also be immensely helpful if I wanted to find a job here in the future.

Regardless of what happens next semester, I will return to Sweden this summer, even though I can still not give you the exact details. However, it seems likely that I’ll leave Taiwan either shortly after the semester ends or after a friend’s wedding roughly one week later. This would be either the end of June or the beginning of July. I plan to make my decision about this fairly soon and will of course let you all know my decision.

As for the scholarship and further studying here, I need to think carefully about this and consider the various alternatives. I don’t want to come to any hasty conclusions for such an important question, so please bear with me. It likely that the final decision will not be made until after I know the results of the scholarship application at the end of June. Right now I feel  a bit confused, but I’m sure I’ll be able to adjust to whatever the result will be.

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  1. Jocke’s avatar

    Tuffa tider blir det ibland. Ta dig en stund för dig själv och tänk en stund… Prata med Vanessa om saken, se vad hon säger! Ringa hem till mamma och pappa och se vad de har att säga om saken? =)

    Stort lycka till!


  2. Alva’s avatar

    Jobbigt läge! Hur känns det…? Skype någon dag? I alla fall jag får oftast känslan av att jag blivit dumpad när något sånt här händer, och då hjälper det mest bara att prata av sig och låta lite tid gå. Fast i ditt fall har du ju alternativplaner för att vara kvar.

    Oavsett, jobbigt!


  3. Olle Linge’s avatar

    Det är rätt lugnt. Egentligen är det ju inte avgjort än och det finns som sagt en liten, liten chans att jag kan tänka mig att stanna för egen maskin. Det är förstås långt ifrån opitmalt, men kanske.

    Just nu känns det dock inte dåligt egentligen. Jag kom hit för att plugga ett år och lära mig så mycket som möjligt och det har jag snart gjort. Att fortsätta på det spåret vore trevligt, men jag ser också en poäng med att utbilda mig klart i Sverige.

    Tack för tillropen och omtanken!


  4. johan’s avatar

    Vi syns i Sverige då! Jag hoppas du får möjligheten att stanna ändå. Håller tummarna för dig.


  5. Emma’s avatar

    Jag hade inte läst din blogg förän dagen innan det här skrevs, men hoppas att det blir bra trots allt, viktigaste är att du är klad hest. Kramar!