Title: Psycho
Directed by:
Alfred Hitchcock
Written by:
Robert Bloch (novel), Joseph Stefano, Samuel A. Taylor
Year: 1960

Since I started reviewing everything I watch, I’ve come across three films by Alfred Hitchcock, and I have given all of them four snails and comments which can be summarised as “well-made, but not entirely my cup of tea”. This is true for Psycho as well, so this review will be quite brief.

The story is about a young woman (Vera Miles) who steals a hefty sum of money from her boss and flees the city, stopping by a motel, well off the main road. It’s run by a certain Mr. Bates (Anthony Hopkins) who clearly is too much under the influence of his mother. From here, the story develops into a thriller with people being murdered one after the other, but with no clear motive or obvious murderer.

Psycho uses a few narrative techniques (such as completely changing the main character) I find interesting, and, as I’ve already said in the first paragraph, the film is expertly directed and produced. In short, there are few things to criticise. However, I still find the basic story somewhat dull. Yes, the style does manage to liven things up, but sadly, I feel I have to deviate from my previous streak of giving four snails to Hitchcock and give only three snails to Psycho.

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