According to my list of 101 tasks in 1001 days , I shall try five new sporting activities. The first one is trampolining and today I tried it for the third time. The reason for the delay is a simple one; I’m occasionally rather lazy. Anyhow, trampolining is about bouncing on a trampoline and hopefully perform some more or less acrobatic moves in the air.

The best thing about this is that it’s ridiculously fun; you keep going for hours and though you’re about to collapse from exhaustion, you want to continue. Just another few more minutes of bouncing. Today and yesterday, I learned somersaulting backwards and forwards. I think it’s rather difficult getting it balanced and avoid landing far from the spot from where you launched yourself. At the end of today’s session, I managed to control it reasonably well. Anyway, I highly recommend this activity to all of you.

Update: Check this out if you want something to practice on. According to Wikipedia it’s the most difficult routine ever performed in a competition (done in 2005). I think I’ll spare that one for next week.