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Learn to sleep comfortably on my back

This is the second of two tasks which concern my back. Since I am still not sure of the origin of the problem, I cannot relax completely. At first, I tried to find its source in my practising habits at the time. This I have cancelled out as a possible reason for the issue.

A more cogent explanation concerns sleeping. Our bed is much too soft for me, and when two persons are sleeping in it, it sort of caves in and the sides slope inwards. Sleeping on my back is the only position in which it is possible to sleep comfortably without being stiff as a board the following morning.

However, I’ve never been able to sleep on my back. It is one of those ideas that I have; it just is not possible. Since the reason is entirely psychological, I thought I should try learning to sleep on my back. It took a couple of months of just lying on my back until I fell asleep, but now I can do it with only a minimum feeling of discomfort. Hopefully, this will add to the effects of Paul’s verdict.


  1. Anders M.L.’s avatar

    Our bed is much too soft for me [—] I should try learning to sleep on my back.

    Ah, the modern man-object-contigency theories put to work! Domestic governance is the new black (not least for those who live in Studentbostäder-owned flats, and get a too-soft bed by default, and so tend to adopt to it rather than changing to a better-suited bed).

    However, wouldn’t it be more long-term solution to this problem to simply switch mattresses?


  2. Anders M.L.’s avatar

    Testing testing (without CoComments).


  3. Snigel’s avatar

    The bed in question has a rather thin mattress, which makes it difficult to get the bed harder. Perhaps I could get a board of some sort and then put a mattress on top of that. Hm… not very convenient though. Another reason for learning to sleep on my back is that it is much more comfortable when sleeping on inflatable beds :)
    About commenting: Your comments got caught by the “need approvement” filter, so I hade to manually check them before they came online. I should write something about that so that you know why it is that your comments do not appear immediately.