Buy a pair of high-quality boots

Buying a pair of boots may seem like something easily done and this is indeed the case, provided one knows exactly what boots to purchase. When I composed my 101-list, I knew that I wanted to have new boots, both because I wanted to increase my rate of outdoor activity (hiking, for instance) and because I thought it would be good to wear shoes which were actually comfortable and adequate for walking long distances. Last summer, I borrowed a pair of Meindl boots from my father and tried them out during several hikes. During the autumn, I found out that they worked pretty well for everyday usage as well.

The problem was of course that these boots were not mine. I have been looking for other, similar boots, but I have not been able to find any until last week. As it happens, I managed to find several different brands on sale in town. Being extremely lucky, there was a pair identical to the one I had borrowed. The original price was set to 2200 SEK, but it was lowered to 1400 SEK. I bought the very last pair there was and I am very satisfied indeed.

There is a bewildering idiosyncrasy of the boots in that their name seems to be specific for the shop in which I bought them. They are called Meindl Lugano GTX, a name which does not appear anywhere on the Internet. I e-mailed the shop and asked them about it and they confirmed that it indeed is a name solely used by them. Their answer to my query also indicated that it was a unique model as well, but that seems highly unlikely to me. However, I have been unable to find any other name for them. Anyway, this concludes item 87 on my list. Hurrah.

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