Site statistics for 2009

As I said in my Happy New Year post, I usually summarise things on my birthday, but site statistics is an exception. I have traditionally posted information about website statistics in the beginning of January and this year will be no exception. Last year’s results were fairly straightforward and saw a steady rise of traffic. In 2009 the traffic peaked and then started dropping for some reason:

Statistics and graph from StatCounter.

Statistics and graph from StatCounter.

And some comparisons with previous years (monthly averages):

2006 2007 2008 2009 Change
Page loads: 994 1806 3231 3522 +9%
Unique visitors: 479 952 2081 2323 +12%
Returning visitors: 184 318 475 528 +11%

If I were running a business, these figures would make me worried, but fortunately, I’m running this website mostly because I enjoy writing regularly and share whatever I write with whomever is interested in reading, so I’m not that worried. The most likely reason for the decrease in traffic is a greatly diminshed posting frequency, mostly because of my focus on studying Chinese (see here, for instance). If I don’t do anything drastic, it would be reasonable to believe that next years report will show figures in the red, but in this case, I sincerely believe that qualitty trumps quantity. If people who look for things I can provide find my website and people who are intersted in what I’m doing here in Taiwan can find that, I’m fully satisfied.

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