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Learn to walk 100 metres on my hands

As mentioned briefly in my post about Air Alert 3 (now translated into English), I have another goal I want to achieve, not necessarily during the summer, but I will at least make a serious attempt. “Walk 100 metres on my hands” is item 51 on my 101 in 1001 list and intend to start practising seriously as of yesterday. I have not been able to find a comprehensive guide or manual (to be honest, I have not tried very hard), so I am doing this somewhat tentatively. Here is what I intend to do three times a week:

x 20 arm stands with roll-down as warm-up, 10 on each shoulder
x 5 attempts at remaining standing as long as possible
x 3 static repetitions of increasing length with one minute pause

This will probably prove too easy after a while, but I have to start somewhere. In addition to this, I will keep track of cumulative metres walked during a week. I can stand approximately 15 seconds without support and I stood one minute for the static repetitions, since I was exhausted from the other exercises. In addition to this, I will keep track of how many metres I cover during a week. Initially, I aim for 250 metres, divided into five-metre intervals. Again, this will of course have to change as I go along, but this seems reasonable.

I am fairly certain that strength is what I lack. I have been able to walk 27 metres in one go, which turned me into a heap of pure exhaustion for about five minutes. If I want to accomplish 100 metres, I will have to spend a lot of time just building muscles and honing my technique so I can use what muscles I do have more effectively. I have no conception of where this will lead, whether it is realistic or not to expect result towards the end of the summer, but as time tells, I will tell you.