Two website-related tasks completed

In updating and reorganising, I have completed two tasks on my 101-in-1001 list, namely:

Complete the missing sections on

The first one does not need commenting, since I have already talked about it at length (post structure updated and WordPress upgraded). The second one merits some illumination, though. It was written at a time where I intended to have a separate page for role-playing. Instead of doing that, I now have performed a two-stage solution, the update of this week being the second stage. The first one was completed when we launched (in Swedish) as joint website for promoting our (me and my friends) role-playing related output.

In addition to this, the site lacked a functioning about page as well as decent introductions to the various categories. This problem has been alleviated as of this week and I therefore consider the missing parts of completed. This means that I have “only” 80 tasks still to go.