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100 things that make me happy

Why define a hundred things that make one happy? It is interesting to focus on such things, because highlighting the good things in life makes them take more space, renders them more important. After a while, one gets into the habit of taking note of positive things. Some of them are of course obvious, but I can tell you that I would not have been able to predict many of the items on this list. I would like to believe that some of the things made me even happier because I noticed them where I had not payed attention before.

Also, it is possible that this list has something to say about myself, so perhaps it has something of a value regarded as a presentation. I do not know, what kind of person am I if this list is to be trusted? Here are the one hundred things that make me happy:

1. Going to bed after exercising, stretching and showering
2. Finishing a task on my 101-in-1001 list
3. Eating ice cream with friends a hot summer day
4. Breathing the sweet air after profuse rainfall
5. Midnight summer walks
6. Talking with a favourite friend
7. Writing in English
8. Friends coordinating SMSs to make me happy
9. Soap bubbles
10. Swimming during heavy summer rain
11. Beating my own hand walking record
12. Sleeping when both I and the sheets are newly washed
13. Getting an additional niece
14. Learning Chinese
15. Sleeping in the afternoon
16. Receiving compliments on my physique
17. Finding shirts that actually fit
18. Nailing 100% correct answers on an exam
19. Diving when everything works
20. Partying with people I really like
21. Creating role-playing characters when inspired
22. Finishing a course I should have finished two years ago
23. Hand walking when everything works
24. Moving into a new apartment
25. Finding second hand furniture I want and saving money
26. Moving in general
27. Beating my handstand record
28. Hiking
29. Finish a course with excellency
30. Feeling better after a week’s illness
31. Finally starting with postponed writing projects
32. Playing Carcassonne
33. Encountering cows
34. Feeling settled in my new room
35. Walking in fantastic autumn weather
36. Swapping massage with a friend
37. Playing Antioch
38. Speaking English
39. Socialising with my family during Christmas
40. Playing loud music
41. Celebrating New Year’s Eve with a lot of friends
42. Gaining control over my creative projects
43. Gaining control over sleeping habits
44. Clearing my freelancing project
45. Celebrating birthdays (not necessarily my own)
46. Reading a really good book
47. Managing 50 metres of unicycling after a couple of hours practice
48. Having few things scheduled so I can do what I really want to do
49. Realising that my running have caused my weight to drop considerable
50. Juggling
51. Buying desirable books second-hand
52. Long-distance running when I feel strong
53. Writing an exam that felt good
54. Realising that my stretching actually goes somewhere
55. Being given books for free
56. Having dinner with my relatives
57. Printing and putting nice pictures on display
58. Eating chocolate cookies
59. Learning French
60. Getting things done
61. Satisfactorily resolving issues with my role-playing rules system
62. Putting on display things I like
63. Learning about East Asia
64. Selling Kaleidoskop games
65. Meeting friends I rarely meet
66. Brainstorming new role-playing settings
67. Running a spontaneous marathon
68. Wearing my bright-red mittens
69. Snow
70. Being recovered from a nagging injury
71. Receiving tax refunds
72. Drinking green tea
73. Running as fast as I can
74. Receiving the first batch of Nostalgi and Haragada
75. Receiving a scholarship to study in Taiwan
76. Playing volleyball
77. Being able to inspire others
78. Enjoying warm spring weather
79. Having a barbecue
80. Receiving full grades for a year of Chinese studies
81. Eating fresh salmon
82. Receiving positive feedback on creative projects
83. Making progress with my novel
84. Cooking a delicious dinner
85. Spending one day away from home diving, playing, hand walking etcetera.
86. Listening to the audio edition of the Economist
87. Brainstorming ideas for a novel (not the same as above!)
88. Managing a handstand with one somersault from ten metres
89. Cooking dinner together with friends
90. Receiving a package of ordered books
91. Playing nice boardgames with friends
92. Building and flying a kite
93. Writing role-playing material I am satisfied with
94. Listening to awesome music,preferably finding a new favourite album
95. Changing back from lousy earplugs to good ones
96. Completing moving from one place to another without too much sweat
97. Regaining motivation for playing Antioch
98. Being outdoors in dense mist
99. Returning home after many days of hiking alone
100. Being gifted a nicely drawn portrait of one of my favourite Antioch characters


  1. Martin’s avatar

    Inte för att vara den som är den, men många punkter känns dels som engångsföreteelser (när jag försökte mig på att göra listan (vilket jag misslyckades med då jag försökte, inte för att det var svårt utan för att det inte gjorde mig glad ;-) ) så satsade jag på mer generella saker, det kanske aldrig var det som var grejen för dig?), dels att de liknar varandra (exempelvis 17 och 59, 30 och 33 och 28, 48 och 99). Hur resonerade du när du gjorde listan, undrar en nyfiken? :)


  2. Olle Linge’s avatar

    Jag hade aldrig ambitionen att skriva saker som var allmänna. Det tog mig ett drygt år att bygga den här listan och jag tror det skulle vara komplett omöjligt att hitta hundra saker som gör mig glad i allmänhet.

    Angående de exempel du tar upp börjar jag misstänk att det här är en gammal version, för jag är rätt säker på att jag kollade igenom listan noggrannt efter just sådana saker. Det ska förstås inte vara så.


  3. Olle Linge’s avatar

    Okej, nu borde listan vara uppdaterad så att det är hundra unika saker på den. :) Tack för hjälpen.