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Character: Olle Linge

One of the items on my 101-in-1001 list is sorted under personal development and reads: “Create a character sheet describing myself in detail”. I have done this before and I find it rewarding to try to step outside myself and describe who I am in third person. To some of you, this might seem odd, but I find essential the words that were allegedly inscribed above the entrance to the temple Delphi: “nosce te ipsum” or “know thyself”.

I also realised that I lack a description of myself on this website, which is my main reason for publishing it here. Since this article is probably too in-depth for people who only want a brief presentation, I have also updated the About section with a more superficial presentation.

The reason I hesitated a while before publishing this post (it has been almost complete for many months) is that I have been as honest as I possibly can, exposing both strong and weak aspects of myself. Generally speaking, I do not have anything to hide, but for some reason I questioned whether the article would be of interest to anyone. This is clearly bunk, because I seldom take that into consideration normally. Before the actual character description, I ought to say something about the structure.

Early on, I decided that I wanted to use a system that focused on the most important parts, without bothering about irrelevant details. Since I have created such a system, it seemed natural to choose Nyx (which still does not exist in English). The numbers are simply for emphasis; a higher number indicates that I think the aspect is more central. There is a also a slight sorting among aspects with the same number, but not as important as the different numbers. So, here we go:

Olle Linge as described using Nyx

The one characteristic which distinguishes Olle from other people is his ability to be Focused (3) on whatever he chooses to be focused on. As is the case with most personality traits, being focued has both a light and a dark side. On the one hand, it enables him to accomplish almost any task he sets his mind to and has earned him the epithet of being, in a positive way, somewhat eccentric. On the other hand, focusing on just a few things at a time is rather tiresome for his acquaintancies and tends to erode the patience of those closest to him.

Even if he has not been conscious of it for very long, Olle is a Seeker (2) and much of his endeavours in life aim towards understanding himself as well as the world surrounding him. He is not concerned with superficial facts, but gropes for deeper and more elusive truths. The method of pursuit is mostly introspective, but has in recent years been widened to include a very small group of close and highly regarded friends. Being reflective is perhaps a natural extension of this. To him, experience itself is seldom enough, but should be accompanied with proper reflection and thought. This helps him to understand things more clearly, but is sometimes also an obstacle that hinders relaxation and enjoyment.

Olle is Steady (2) in many ways. To begin with, his opinions are firmly grounded and do not change overnight. Presented with new facts, this can be somewhat troublesome, since he does not realise that he has been wrong until afterwards. On the other hand, he likes discussing and thinking, so in most cases his ideas do not need drastic reform. Furthermore, he is socially steady, keeping to those whose company he enjoys, both when it comes to girlfriends and regular friends. By the same token, he is steady in a way which makes other people rely on him for trust and support.

Many of Olle’s intellectual hobbies involve being Creative (2) in one way or another. For instance, he enjoys using his imagination, creating fiction, role-playing related material or anything else which he happens to be focused at the moment. His creativity works in a way which allows him to employ it freely once he has passed the initial stage, which is sometimes difficult. Often, he needs to have someone else to discuss matters with to manage, but as soon as he has received the necessary impetus, he can keep going indefinitely.

When asked to describe him, many people include the meaning of the words Kind and considerate (1), which has been something of a mystery to him until recently. Now he believes that this derives from the fact that he is next to incapable of being angry or disliking people. Combined with a respect of other people, this produces a placid and humble face towards the world. This aspect of his personality is not as apparent online as it is in real life, since communication over the internet serves as a buffer between him and those he would otherwise have cared more for.

Olle is a typical example of man being Social (1). Having spent most of his adult life living together with someone, he is not comfortable living alone, simply because he need the day-to-day routine of meeting other people, something which is lacking especially during the summer months. He also feels a strong urge to integrate his own world with that of others, an issue which is partly alleviated by his website. Sadly, communication there is mainly one-way, making it a bad substitute for real human interaction.

Even if it is subdued in certain situations, often involving the shyness he experiences in situations with a great number of people or pretty girls, Olle is highly Verbal (1). He likes talking, be it tête-à-tête or in front of people. He is also pretty good at it, having practiced a lot and having made a point of improving skills he lacks. However, as is the case for being focused, excessive talking is sometimes irksome to those in his vicinity. This has improved over the past few years, but he still perceives it as a problem.

Olle is Physically able (1), his physique being based on ten years of competitive swimming and seven years of martial arts. Having parents who promote physical activity, he has always occupied himself with various sporting activities. Martial arts training has given him good body control and coordination, which together with being generally in good shape makes him pretty good at most activities he sets his mind to. For the time being, diving and various eccentric projects are on the agenda.

By and large, Olle is Content (1) with himself and his situation. Even if there are certain points which could have been better (he could have a nice girlfriend, for instance), he is satisfied with his education, personality, achievements, friends, pursuits, family, health and so on. The backside of this is that he is sometimes not inclined to try new things or change the way things are, since they are adequate already. Realising that this is a problem, he has recently decided to move to instigate some sort of change to stir things up a bit.

Fairly often, people do not realise that Olle is Shy (1), because he is adept at masking it, but the fact is that he often feels nervous about situations for which there is no rational reason to feel nervous about. It involves talking to strangers, telling people what he feels about them, talking to others about his inner universe and so on. The shyness is seldom noticed, because his ability to focus and being disciplined almost always triumphs in the end. Even if nervousness is about to drive him insane, he does what he wants to do in most cases.

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