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Moving in two weeks

In August, I cancelled the lease for this apartment and since then I have been on a one-way road to moving. The destination has been clear inasmuch as I will remain in town to continue my studies, but apart from that I only knew that I wanted to change to something else, preferably student accommodation. Earlier this week, I accepted an offer of a corridor room in Ryd (Rydsvägen 252C, to be more exact), which is located roughly three kilometres from where I now live. I have three main reasons for moving, stated in the approximate order of their relative importance:

–    I do not like to live alone
–    I want to try something new
–    I will lower by monthly expenses with 1000 crowns

It took me a while to realise the importance of the first item in the list, but without it I would never have decided to move. The other two have been around for some time, but not amounting to anything serious. Counting the three years since I moved out from my parents’ place, I have only been living alone since last autumn, and that cannot be considered a hundred percent alone since I still spent much time with Alva. During that year and particularly during this summer, I realised that I need routine interaction with people to be happy. It does not really matter if it is something substantial or not, but I do need it. Having a schedule with an average of one and a half lesson a day is not enough.

Trying something new is important both emotionally and in principle.  I am looking forward to moving in itself, to get a chance to recreate my home and get rid of a lot of stuff I do not need. I have been living in this building for three years and it is time for something new. In principle, I want to move because I feel I have become to content with my situation, bordering on having become lazy. Most things have worked out pretty well in my life (education, opportunity to earn money when I need, finding somewhere to live, etcetera) and I want to avoid becoming too ossified. Moving will provide a much sought after change in environment.

Lowering the rent from 3000 crowns to 2000 crows might seem like a huge difference (and it is), but I still consider it a bonus, albeit a fairly important one. Having 1000 crows extra each month will either allow me to finish my studies with lower (or non-existent) debts or I have a substantial amount of money to spend on something else than paying the rent (which must be the most dull way of spending money).

Naturally, moving in itself does not guarantee that everything will be alright and that I will live happily every after. I have only a vague idea about how it is to live in a corridor sharing kitchen with seven other students and I perhaps my analysis of what I want or what I need is erroneous in the first place, but trying my hypothesis will at least reveal its validity and allow me to continue to wend my way down life’s winding paths. In two weeks time, another step will be taken.


  1. IYKK’s avatar

    Är det riktigt att översätta kronor till crowns? Själv har jag lite svårt för det, rent estetiskt.


  2. Olle Linge’s avatar

    Rent språkligt är det helt korrekt, men det är ju förstås tillåtet att tycka vad som helst. Det går att använda ordet exakt som på svenska också (one krona, many kronor), men det tycker jag känns skumt. Kika på nummer tio här om du vill ha en referens: http://www.m-w.com/dictionary/crown


  3. IYKK’s avatar

    Tja, jag tycker det känns skumt att säga “crowns” så vi får väl slåss om det om vi träffas nån gång. :P


  4. Olle Linge’s avatar

    Låtom oss göra upp i rutan!


  5. Hannes’s avatar

    Då blir vi snart nästan grannar då :)