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Make my contribution to the new Rollspel.nu version

For some time now, I have been a part of the small group of people behind the Swedish role-playing site Rollspel.nu. For as long (or perhaps longer), there has been a wish to redesign the site and restructure its contents, but for various reasons that has not been done yet. My responsibility has been to keep an eye on contents (news, articles, information of various kinds) and I decided that before I consider stepping down from my position, I ought at least to formalise the responsibilities I have in order to facilitate for whoever will replace me.

I have now done so (in Swedish) and I have also decided to resign (also in Swedish) for reasons that are many and various. Though there are more, I will present the three most prominent here. Firstly, I feel that spending time on Rollspel.nu is not in alignment with what I want at the moment, which makes it a boring task I get almost nothing from doing. I felt some satisfaction in writing the final version of the policy which governs the content section of the site, but since then I have not done much (that was in December last year).

Secondly, most influence from Rollspel.nu is bad for me personally. I am seldom engaged in constructive discussions, but rather in infected debates concerning the management of the site. I know that most users are satisfied with our management, but those who are not have still managed to drain any desire to work for Rollspel.nu that possibly might have been left after the first item I described above.

Thirdly, as if two major reasons would not be enough, there has been some allegations concerning the composition of the editorial staff which runs the site. I shall now make an attempt to explain why this is also a major reason for my resignation, although it might not be very easy. During last year, we were hampered by the fact that we had no active person who had responsibility for the forums (which comprise some eight thousand users, albeit most of them not active). Even though I had sworn not to take responsibility for something that big, I was persuaded by a fiend of mine to join him and shoulder the burden together. I would simply assist him in realising some plans and ideas we had had for a long time.

I shall not bother you with details, but the thing most controversial here is that we choose to replace the incumbent moderators with people whose judgment we trusted. Moderators are there to enforce the rules of the forums and it seems obvious to me that we wanted people who we knew well and who shared our vision. The change lead to the fact that out of five persons in my gaming group, three were part of the editorial staff running the site (two of us had been for a long time) and the other two were moderators (one of them had been for a while, also). It should also be mentioned that we publish games under the umbrella trademark Kaleidoskop, even though I think it is in such a small scale that it is not germane in any way.

In some users’ eyes, this is a big problem, and I can understand that. What one has to realise is that Rollspel.nu is not a commercial enterprise; we do things simply because we like it and thinks it worth the time to make the site function properly. There is no financial gain involved. Therefore, I think the fear of concentrating “power” to a small group is largely an overreaction and not relevant. It is very difficult to find suitable people and if we would have disqualified people we knew already, we would never have had an editorial staff at all. What would have happened if we did not step in to fill the vacant space, I am not sure, but I am positively convinced that it would have been much, much worse than what the most critical users think the situation is now.

Finally, I think this is a problem because the energy I invest in Rollspel.nu is not met with much enthusiasm; its effects are even negative because it might stain Kaleidoskop’s reputation. It seems to me stupid to go on investing time in something that has mainly negative results (possibly hampering my creative side of the role-playing hobby, which is very bad indeed), so from here on out, someone else will have to worry about how Rollspel.nu is run. It would be nice with some sort of éminence grise conspiracy theory (which would on account of credibility be on par with some other assumptions made by certain people) , because naturally I will still be involved with the management of the site, since I will continue meeting with my friends and having the pizza.

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