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Do 25 chin-ups

I am frequently asked why I practice and exercise so much (I average more than two hours of physical activity daily), and the pure and simple reason is that I enjoy it. Therefore, do not make the mistake of thinking that I included “Do 25 chin-ups” on my 101-in-1001 list because I had some higher goal. I just wanted to have reasonable aim for a strength exercise I could perform at home. What I am talking about here is pulling myself from dead hang to a position where my chin is above the level of the bar, using a supinated grip (palm facing towards my body). Repeat 25 times.

To give you some background, I am 178 centimetres tall and weigh a little bit over 80 kilos (81.5 yesterday evening), which is probably not ideal for performing lots of chin-ups. Furthermore, I have always been inclined towards strengthening my lower body and legs, so arms, shoulders and back have not been in focus until recently (starting serious handstand practicing last autumn).

During the past six months, I have been doing chin-ups regularly, but without a clearly defined regimen (it included varying grips, using fewer fingers on each hand, adding weight, etcetera). I think that this has managed to give me the technique necessary, but that it did not give me the strength and endurance to perform 25 in one set. I decided to change tactics and make my body used to performing a lot of chin-ups. During January, I performed 500 chin-ups weekly, which, with days of rest interspersed, means that I did 100 some days, but most often 200, and then rested from 48 to 72 hours in between.

My original plan was to set a record Wednesday next week, after resting for roughly 96 hours straight. However, I am sometimes impatient, and, feeling fairly certain that I would make it, I tried yesterday instead (then having rested 48 hours since the previous 200 chin-ups). As expected, I achieved my goal of 25 and was even able to make an additional two with extra slowness and correctness, just to prove the point. The last one was not even done until failure and there is a slight chance that I would have managed another one (emphasis on slight here, I might have managed if my life depended on it, but not otherwise).

If I would have been more rested and not performed this attempt at two in the morning, I probably would have been able to chin a couple of extra as well. In any case, I can now tick off this goal as finished and move on towards walking 100 metres on my hands, which will be quite a bit more challenging, believe me. I also have plans of working towards a one-armed chin-up, but more on that later.


  1. Annie’s avatar

    Men Olle, vad fan är det här? Har du till och med börjat blogga på engelska nu?! Jag bor numera i Sthlm och går på GIH, trivs än så länge.. Hur går det med kinesiskan? /Annie M


  2. Olle Linge’s avatar

    Naturligtvis, vad tror du om mig egentligen? :) Jag skriver helt på engelska sedan i somras någon gång och det fungerar rätt bra. Det är idrotten du pluggar då, eller har du gjort någon form av helomvändning? Det går utmärkt här borta, just nu planerar jag att söka ett stipendium för att plugga i Taiwan ett år, men vi får se om det går vägen. Hur går det själv?


  3. Annie’s avatar

    Ja precis, här är det idrott för hela slanten! Just nu håller jag på och forskar i huruvida jag kan ha min vfu i Norrköping eftersom det knappt finns några gymnasieplatser här.. Annars går det bra, även om jag inte har skickat in mitt term paper för engelska 3 som skulle varit inne förra fredagen. Jag orkar bara inte! Men men, det är väl bara att ta tag i det för in ska det ju någon gång.. Kram