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24 years survival

Today, I have the pleasure to announce that I have indeed survived in this world for 24 years. Like I did last time, I will try to tot up what has transpired during the year. This is not an evaluation or assessment, like my currently ongoing monthly reports, but rather a summary of what important events have taken place during the previous twelve months. I will try to mention things in an order of approximate personal importance, although I have of course omitted most of the things which occurred. I have also tried to group together similar events for increased readability.

Regrettably, there is an inevitable mix of articles in English and Swedish, but that cannot be helped. Next year, I presume that everything will be in English, this year being a transition from one language to another.

The single most important event of last year, the breaking up with Alva, meant that I have spent more time alone than I have ever done since before I was fifteen (I actually had to look back and count, but it is true). This has been hard and educational at the same time. With hindsight, I am absolutely convinced that it was a good thing that we broke up, especially since we are on excellent terms today. She is still, without any serious challenge, my closest and most high-valued friend, and I am indeed satisfied that things have worked out as nicely as they undoubtedly have.

However, the loneliness was unbearable at times, and sparked a wish to move someplace else where I would interact daily with other people. During the summer, my trip to Falun, although only a partial success, further highlighted the need for social interaction and personal flexibility, and a few months later, I moved to a student corridor close to the university. On the whole, I am now satisfied with my life, and I have had a lot of time and energy to invest in various areas. I think that I have learnt much from the previous year, even though it did not feel like that at times.

Perhaps most importantly, I have practiced diving on a regular basis for roughly one year (spring and autumn reports). It is by far the activity most suited to my personality I have yet encountered, and I still practice as much as I can and enjoy it immensely. It has also led me to another hobby, namely hand-balancing. More minor achievements on the physical front, include a scuba-diving certificate and having learnt much about nutrition and thus achieved more control over my diet, especially in recent months.

Having had my eyes on Chinese for a long time, I finally found out that a one-year course is now available at the university, so naturally I applied (and was accepted). Studying a beginner language full-time is challenging and entertaining, but I enjoy it fully and will apply for one year of additional Chinese in Taiwan (article on the way).

Although I am still not satisfied with my creative output, I have managed to accomplish several things. My freelancing project Tornet mot stjärnorna is completed, which is much more important to me than it might seem. Furthermore, a joint project named Kaleidoskop has been launched to promote my and my friends’ creative output. This year, I have also taken a big step towards completing my own role-playing game, Magneter och mirakel, as well as done substantial progress on a game called Nostalgi, a project jointly written with Martin.

As usual, I do not only write, but also consume literature in various ways (audio books included), having read and reviewed roughly 60 books since February last year. I have come across four works of fiction that merits full grades, and one of them, Flowers for Algernon, is, without doubt, the one novel that has moved me most deeply. The other three are: The Master and Margarita by Michail Bulgakov, Pappan och havet by Tove Jansson and Catch 22 by Joseph Heller.

Although Snigel.nu has not changed very much superficially, a restructuring of the website was performed during the summer, with the result of my beginning to write in English. The site has also migrated to a new server, which has kept downtime since September to an all-time low. I have also written several fairly serious articles about various subjects, including, but not limited to: Carcassonne, audio books, long novels, photographing, postponements and burdened minds. I have also withdrawn from the management of Rollspel.nu, a Swedish role-playing site. This has freed a hefty amount of time as well as cancelled a lot of negative energy.

Another year has passed, and, looking back, I seem to have been able to occupy myself adequately. The coming year is somewhat uncertain, but I hope that it will in some way include more radical changes, including temporarily moving abroad to study (if not to Taiwan, then to England). I have no idea what my personal life will be like, but I look forward with confidence and optimism. All that remains doing now is to congratulate myself on my 24th birthday.

…and there was much rejoicing.

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  1. Vicotnik’s avatar

    Grattis på föddelse dagen.


  2. walium’s avatar

    Grattis din pajsare!

    Något särskilt som du önskar dig på din födelsedag?


  3. Ravenwood’s avatar

    Happy birthday, mate!