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Spontaneous marathon

Two things can be deduced from tonight’s adventures. First, I belong in a mental hospital. Second, I sometimes have more determination than is good for me. Let me give you the background. On my 101-in-1001 list, I have entered an item saying that I should run 42 195 metres, or, a marathon, if you will. The reason I did not write “a marathon” on the list is because I do not feel inclined to participate in any kind of competition or event, but would rather perform the feat on my own.

Leaving home shortly before five in the afternoon, I ran the five kilometres to town as I always do. After two and a half hours of diving, I relaxed a bit before setting out for home. On my way home, I bought some candy, and having only two kilometres left, I thought, what the heck, I feel good, I can run some more. If I have thirty kilometres a week as a goal, I might as well start properly.

To be honest, I have only a vague idea about when it went wrong. I had no intention whatsoever of running 43 kilometres when I set out, this was done on a whim, I can assure you that much. After about ten kilometres, I had the option to either go straight home, meaning only one additional kilometre, or turning back and aiming for my parent’s place, which would add at least fifteen kilometres. Then the thought struck me. Why not go for the marathon now? I knew the circumstances were not the best (having already run five kilometres earlier in the day, together with two and a half hours of diving), but the more I thought about it, the more determined I grew. Is it possible to run that far mostly on willpower?

Not much remains to be said, really. I stopped by at Niklas’ place to refill my bottles and carbohydrates, without which I would have had no chance of finishing (thank you very much indeed). I walked a couple of times in order to drink or simply relax. Admittedly, I was not at all prepared for such an ordeal as this. As for finishing time, I am sorry to say that I honestly do not know, since I did not anticipate what I was about to do until long after I started. My approximation is that I spent four and a half hours running and another twenty minutes resting (relieving myself, refilling bottles, that kind of thing), meaning that I finished just short of five hours. The first half of the run was easy, it was the second half that demanded time and also a bit of rest.

It was fairly interesting to notice how some pains moved about the body as I ran. After about ten kilometres, my left knee and right foot hurt slightly, but I got used to that. Shortly afterwards, my other knee told me it was tired, but this was not a real problem either. Towards the end, all sorts of muscles were telling me they had had their share of exertion (biceps, abdomen, hip flexors), many of them only indirectly connected to the running itself. Finally, I reached home at around two o’clock in the morning.

After having taken a shower, eaten dinner and replenished all sorts of substances (mainly water, carbohydrates, salt and vitamins), I feel incredibly good. Probably, I will not be able to walk for a couple of days, at least not gracefully. To be honest, I do not care, because even though the time is way above what I aimed for, I did what I set out to do despite the far from perfect circumstances. As some sort of reward, I will now allow myself to collapse in my bed. Hopefully I will wake up tomorrow, goodbye till then.


  1. Ravenwood’s avatar

    You are great inspiration! Much obliged!


  2. The Brother’s avatar

    your mental. I’ll stay with 5 hour tequla races.


  3. Fogge’s avatar

    You are fucking mental. Also, when did you buy a bead large enough to collapes inside? >;D


  4. Olle Linge’s avatar

    Uh… I found a large, red one at a jumble sale in town. Really cozy, but the drawback is that I have to make myself extremely narrow to fit.