First year of Chinese studies concluded

My first year studying Chinese is now concluded. I finished all my courses roughly a week ago, but naturally, teachers need some time to correct the exams and set grades. This is now done. As I have said before, I was not at all certain about two of the courses, but it seems like I was worrying in vain. Really, worrying is not the right word, because these grades mean little to me practically, since I will not use them for anything. Still, grades are a sign of knowledge, albeit not a perfect one, so high grades generally means that I have done what I was supposed to do and hopefully learnt a lot in the process. This is what the first year looks like. The third column is points, 1,5 points represents one week of full-time studying, so a complete year consists of 60 points or 40 weeks. The fourth column is grades on the scale of 1-5.

Of course, it feels very good to be able to post this and know that I have performed well during my first year. I do not know what kind of post will be here next year, but I can at least promise that there will be one.

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    Grattis, din plughest


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    Vad du är dryg :)