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July 2008 monthly report

This is my seventh monthly report. To review introductory comments and the purpose of these reports, please refer to the initial report made for January 2008. Text in italics is copied from the previous monthly report for reference.

Looking back: July 2008

Physical – For the hand walking, I have a schedule I want to stick to. It involves a gradual increase which will make me able to walk a hundred metres in September. This is extremely hard and ambitious, but I will at least stick to the schedule every week. If I fail, I will fail either because the task is too hard or because the schedule is faulty. I will not fail because of bad discipline.

Report: Success. It has been hard,but I have managed so far. I have increased my record from 132 repetitions against a wall to 185 in just over seven weeks. I have managed to walk 500 metres in less than an hour.

As I mentioned above, the exercise regimen does not work. I cannot find motivation, time or energy to complete more than a few times. As a substitute, I will focus on three physical skills each month. For July, I have selected: hand walking (sticking to the schedule), vertical jump training (three times each week) and ab wheel exercise (aiming for standing roll-outs).

Report: Mostly successful. I have a few missed sessions, but not very many. I am satisfied. This seems to work much better than the exercise regimen.

I also aim to exercise physically at least 4000 minutes.

Report: Since the fun has gone out of the beat, I have not kept track of how much time I have spent on physical activities. However, I am quite sure that it is less than 4000 minutes. Nevertheless, I am very satisfied with July anyway.

Creativity – The novel will have to rest this month. I will discuss it with friends, add a few odd ideas and think about it passively, but I will not set a concrete goal. Instead, I shall focus on finishing a draft for Magneter och mirakel. It does not have to be a final or polished draft, but I want all the text to be there.

Report: I have come a long way, but I am not finished. I hope to be able to finish a draft this week, but I cannot guarantee it. The game expanded beyond my estimations and thus requires much more time to finish than I thought.

Same as last month, I intend to draw for ten hours.

Report: Failure, again. I have come to some valuable conclusions, though, and recently I have been much inspired by two friends who draw a lot. Hopefully, this will help me in the future. I have not abandoned my drawing project, far from it. I just need another angle of approach.

Sleep – I think focusing on sleep and making sleep important are very important means to achieve my goals. For the lucid dreaming project, I intend to record all dreams in some way, just to put dreams back into focus. For now, I will not do anything more with them.

Report: Although my interest in sleep and dreaming remains high, I have not been able to prioritise this in July. It requires a fair amount of time, which I have found other uses for. This will be a task for later this year, perhaps.

I will stick to a regular sleeping schedule again, because I function so much better than otherwise if sleeping is under control. I will go up at 08:00 every morning. Exceptions can be made, but only when I have an explanation I feel I can support.

Report: I have not kept a strict schedule, but I am still very satisfied with my sleeping habits. I have slept on average perhaps six hours per night, timing dream cycles and generally feeling alert during the day. I also have no troubles at all getting up in the morning. Excellent results.

101-in-1001 list – My progress with the list is too slow and I was far from finishing twenty goals. I intend to clear at least 20 tasks on the list this month. Having prepared somewhat last month, I think this ambitious, but possible.

Report: Twenty tasks? Not very likely. Some of the require time, let me tell you. Still, more and more tasks are almost finished, so I still have high hopes of managing quite a lot of them in August. This is my deadline for many of the tasks, so it shall be interesting what I have to say a month from now.

I am very satisfied with July in general. Sure, I did not achieve everything I wanted, but I managed the bits I feel are most important. What is essential is that i feel more comfortable with my progress in general. I have managed to cut down on thigs I do not want to do and spent extra time on things I cherish. This does not mean that I am more productive, but it means that I am happier.

Looking ahead: August 2008

This month is when it all comes together. I am leaving Sweden soon and there is much I want to do before then and there is much i have to do in order to get away. During August I will have just two goals. Physically, I intend to stick to my new strategy and see how it works. Otherwise, I shall have no more than 20 tasks left on the 101-in-1001 list. As usual, this is ambitious, but I seem to be able to be quite productive when working against a deadline, so I think I stand a chance.

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