Learn 1001 new words in English

A thousand words is a lot, just so you know. It took me roughly two years to complete this task on my 101-in-1001 list, although I spent time on it only sporadically. First, I had to find a thousand suitable words, which is not very easy. My sources have generally been fiction, but also newspapers, text books and films. After assembling the words, I continually removed words that were too obscure or words that did not mean anything to me even after translation to Swedish (say, strange plants or animals I do not know in Swedish either).

Then, learning the words seemed to be fairly easy, because I seemed to be able to learn most of them automatically. Having the list in the bathroom for a year removed all but a hundred words. Those proved a bit more challenging and required focused studying (which was not the case with the other nine hundred). Today, I decided that I knew the remaining twenty words well enough to consider the task completed. I have learnt a thousand new words in English.

Why? Expanding my English vocabulary seems like a natural step in hy overall attempt att learning the language. A thousand words is just a drop in the bucket, but cultivating and developing a system for learning new words is at least something. I probably will not do something like this again in the near future, but I will continue to look up and learn new English words as they come along.

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