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Even though I have tried unicycling for quite a while before posting this entry, it is still something new to me. Niklas, a friend of mine, is the culprit and has provided me with both inspiration and equipment. At first, I borrowed his unicycle after our diving sessions, but recently, I have been able to use his old unicycle at home. I have now reached a level where I can unicycle more than a kilometre to buy groceries and then be able to cycle back with a couple of kilos on my back. Sure, I still have trouble with kerbs, holes in the road and gravel, but that is only to be expected.

An umbrella is useful when it is raining.

Unicycling is nice because it is much easier to learn than most people assume. After only a couple of hours practicing, I was able to cycle fifty metres or more. After that, not much time was required to be able to cycle long enough to make endurance the problem and not balance (my saddle is too low, so pedalling more than a hundred metres is pretty demanding, at least for me). If someone would have asked me if unicycling was easy a year ago, I would have said no, but now I am not so sure. Of course it is difficult to master and learn to do cool tricks, but reaching a level where one can use the unicycle as a means of transportation? No, that is fairly easy, actually. All it requires is a unicycle, a bit of balance and some practice.

I hope I will be able to buy a unicycle cheaply in Taiwan, because I really begin to get the hang of it. If I would have studied another year here in Sweden, I would doubtlessly have used the unicycle to get to the university, but rumours about bad traffic makes me doubt that will be possible in Taiwan. Also, it is possible I will live very close to the university. In any case, I should be able to manage somehow.  If you feel like joining us for some unicycling hockey next autumn, you had better start practicing now.

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  1. Martin’s avatar

    Åh, jag känner mig riktigt sugen på att börja öva, men jag hittade “min” enhjuling för sent och jag vågar inte riktigt köra utan skydd i början…


  2. Svante’s avatar

    Jag har inte ens suttit på en enhjuling än. Måste se till att ändra på det. :D


  3. Niklas’s avatar

    Fixade int ni en längre sadelstolpe?
    Men viss känsla av välbehag får ja när ja ser “min elev” ute på egen hand i världen :P


  4. Olle Linge’s avatar

    Martin: Jag har en hjälm du kan få/låna som sagt, vi får fixa det innan jag åker. Vad menar du med för sent? Kör på gräs, tycker jag, det är inte så läskigt.

    Svante: Snart har ju både Jocke och Martin varsin och då har du ingen ursäkt att inte vara med och leka sirkus hest!

    Niklas: Nej, vi gjorde aldrig det. Och tack för att du visade mig enhjulingens väg, det är kul. :)


  5. laura’s avatar

    Did you ever buy a unicycle? After spending some time with the HK uni-hockey group and enjoying practicing very much, we would like to find some unicyclists in Taiwan…


    1. Kailah’s avatar

      Wait, Laura, you spent time with the uni-HK group?? do I know you?? I just left HK…and now am traveling in Taiwan.

      I know that a lot of people in HK buy unicycles made in Taiwan… but I was wondering, too, if there are groups of people here riding.

      I did find links to this article (scroll down for English):
      -Smilar, but shorter: http://www.taiwantoday.tw/ct.asp?xItem=49089&CtNode=436


    2. Olle Linge’s avatar

      Laura: To make sure that you get my answer, I will send it by e-mail instead. I’m very interested in taking up unicycling in Taiwan if possible.