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Good-bye Sweden

08:00 on Tuesday morning, I will leave my home in Linköping by train, planning to arrive in Stockholm around ten. . Since my flight does not depart until 15:40, I have a few hours to spend in Stockholm before heading for the airport. This is deliberate, because I hope to be able to spend some time with a good friend before I leave. My overall plan is to arrive in Taiwan late afternoon on Wednesday.

According to my itinerary, this is what Tuesday and Wednesday will look like (please note that times are local): The first leg of the journey is from Stockholm Arlanda (15:40) to London Heathrow (17:15). On Heathrow, I have to wait roughly three hours, but I see that as a safety precaution and not as an irritating wait. I usually have no difficulties occupying myself and I doubt this will be an exception. Additionally, Heathrow has earned a reputation for being over-crowded, so a little extra time will not hurt.

The second leg is from London Heathrow (20:20 Tuesday) to Hongkong International (15:40) . The flight takes roughly twelve and a half hours, so the rest is made up by the seven hour time zone difference. I have never been on such a long flight (actually, I have never been outside of Europe before, not counting the Canary Islands). Again, I trust my ability to occupy myself.

The third and last leg of the trip to Taiwan is from Hongkong International (16:30) to Taiwan Taoyuan International (18:15). Hopefully, the transit in Hongkong will just consist of myself from one gate to another, but the fifty minutes seem a bit on the short side. However, on this I trust Hongkong-based Cathay Pacific, which is the airline for all three legs of the journey.

Once in Taipei, the capital of Taiwan, I will be picked up by someone from Chung Hua University. Help with things like this is just a small example of the friendliness I have hitherto experienced from the university. They have helped me with much and I am very grateful indeed. If the people in Taiwan in general are as hospitable as the university representative, my stay in Taiwan cannot be anything less than excellent.

This is my plan, at least, but I suppose there is a fair chance that something goes awry once en route. I will try to write here if I have the opportunity, but I will not promise anything soon. If everything goes well, however, I would be very surprised if I fail to post a report once I reach Taiwan. Assuming that I will be too exhausted on Wednesday, Thursday is a good bet on when you will hear from me again. Once settled, my online frequency will be dictated by many things, such as internet access, spare time availability and so forth; only time will tell.

Regardless of how often I post here, there are basically two ways of keeping oneself updated. First, simply browse to the front page now and then to see if anything new has appeared. Keeping my normal routines, however, it is safe to say that I will post, if not daily, at least every second day. Second, it is possible to subscribe to my live feed. Do this by clicking on the link in the left-hand menu that says “subscribe” or simply click here. Now, a whole range of services will be at your fingertips, all of them providing easy updates on what happens on my website. Basically, they allow you to monitor the site’s activity without requiring you to browse it. If this sounds interesting and you would like to know more, please refer to the Wikipedia article on the subject of Web syndication.

I think I have provided you with the most essential information, but before I say good-bye for real, there is something I would like to say. In the recent few weeks, especially including my hike, I have discovered there is much in my life I truly enjoy. Perhaps this is obvious, but there is a difference in thinking that it is true and feeling deep down in my heart that it is true. Most importantly, I love all nice people around me. Some of you I have known for a long time, others only briefly, but that does not seem to matter so much. I will miss you. Good-bye!


  1. Alva’s avatar

    Jag är helt pirrig i magen för din skull :)
    Hoppas att du får det helt fantastiskt och att vi får skype att funka!

    Koalamode on :)


  2. Jocke’s avatar

    Jag hoppas verkligen att du får ett riktigt kul år i Taiwan! Jag kommer, om jag ska vara ärlig, sakna dig. Tills du kommer hem ska jag ha lärt mig cykla enhjuling så att vi kan spela enhjulingsbandyhockey. Ha det kalas!

    – Jocke


  3. Vicotnik’s avatar

    Hej då Snigel!

    Jag hoppas du får ett trevligt och lärorikt år i Taiwan. Och som Alva redan sagt se till att få Skype att fungera (för jag har äntligen fått ordning på mitt). Du kommer utan tvekan vara saknad, men även fast du kommer vara på andra sidan jorden så kommer du nog alltid att vara en stor inspirations källa för mig.

    Lycka till!


  4. Svante’s avatar

    Jag kommer att sakna dig. Lycka till och ha det nu riktigt bra. Vi tänker på dig!


  5. walium’s avatar

    Det kommer att bli tomt utan dig. Men jag beundrar alla som har modet att våga pröva sina vingar och utvidga sina gränser. Du kommer att klara dig alldeles utmärkt i Taiwan, det blir värre för oss här hemma som måste klara oss utan dig.


  6. Emma’s avatar

    Var trevligt att ses igår (såklart) kommer att sakna dig så se banne mig till att du inte fastnar därborta alltför länge utan kom hem igen! Tror att du kommer att få ett fantastiskt år! kramar


  7. Martin’s avatar

    Föga förvånande saknar jag dig också. Pallar nog inte att skriva mer än det.


  8. Tobias’s avatar

    Hoppas att resan går bra. Skrik till någonstans när du kommer i närheten av civiliserade trakter (alltså en dator) så att vi vet att du kommit fram helskinnad.


  9. Olle Linge’s avatar

    Åh, så glad jag blir! Även om det förstås är synd att lämna er hemma är det också kul att veta att ens närvaro är uppskattad. Jag ska försöka komma hem välbehållen och så. :) Kjamiz!