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Campus tour, new phone and computer problems

I do not know what constitutes a neatly handled jet lag, but I think I am alright. I went to bed around eleven o’clock, fell asleep immediately… and woke up what felt like eight hours later, only the clock showed just after midnight. Yay. I listened to audio books and spent the time until sometime around three o’clock in some sort of semi-consciousness.

At around nine thirty, I had breakfast with Jerry and Ato, which was pleasant enough. It seems like it is at least possible to eat roughly the same things as at home (today, I had a chicken and egg sandwich with some soy milk), even though eating out seems to be much more common. Breakfast cost roughly 40 TWD (10 SEK), even though Jerry as usual insisted on paying (this is just one example of the hospitality I have experienced thus far). It seems like lunch and dinner is somewhat more expensive, but not much.

Afterwards, he took me on a tour of the campus, introducing me to computers, library, office for exchange students, gym, swimming pool, book shop, cafeteria, etc. Again, everybody has been extremely polite and helpful, and not in a forced or strained way, but relaxed and genuine. This is what the university looks like:

This is what the urban area looks like just outside the gates of Chung Hua University.

And these are the gates. Please note the nice horse.

The main entry to the campus.

Main entrance close-up.

There is a nice lake...

…surrounded by trees.

I like the colours.

Random building.

This is what the campus looks like in general, although most building are taller.

Random buildings.

The interior of the campus.

More walkways close to the centre.

Still more.

The lake again, now with fountains!

More fancy buildings.

Statues like these crowd the campus. They are quite cool.

Or are they?

More water and more walkways.

Again, I really like the colours.

I have a couple of things I have declared to be urgent, and purchasing a mobile phone was one of those things. At first, I thought I would take my time and buy something fairly expensive. However, I realised I needed a phone rather badly and since phones do not seem to be extremely cheap compared to Sweden, I decided to buy something less expensive. I settled a Sony Ericsson W910i, which I got for about 70 % of the price is Sweden. My number is +886 983103482, should anyone feel like sending a message or calling (please note that Taiwan is eight hours ahead of GMT, which means that I am six hours ahead of Sweden because of daylight saving time in Sweden). Here are the first three pictures I took:

This is Jerry.

This is Ato.

And this is the girl who sold me the phone.

After having lunch, Jerry and Ato had other things on their hands, so I spent a couple of hours walking around campus, finding my way to and from the dormitory and also shopping some water and food.

I do not know yet what if there is anything planned for this evening, although I doubt it. Tomorrow, I have been invited to play football at two o’clock, which will be extremely hot indeed; I find it pretty exhausting just existing in this heat. For your information, it is around 30 degrees right now and the humidity is above 80 %. Tomorrow, I hope to be able to complete the two other urgent tasks, namely finding a voltage and plug converter to my laptop, and gaining access to the internet.

It is annoying and disturbing to know that every minutes I spend typing now is decreasing the time I have left on my laptop battery. This keeps me from studying properly, as well as being able to do anything useful except reading and studying Zhuyin. I really hope I can get hold of that converter tomorrow; internet is not as important. Of course it comes as now surprise, but I am very dependent on my laptop, especially when I have free time on my hands. I have now survived for an entire day in Taiwan, not bad.

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  1. Alva’s avatar

    1) Avundssjuk! Nya miljöer is the shit :) I jämförelse bleknar det lite att flytta bara några timmar bort :)
    2) Du verkar ha det bra.
    3) Det är riktigt mysko att se statuer som inte har västerländska anletsdrag. Jag vet varför de ser ut som de gör, det är bara lite nytt!


  2. Olle Linge’s avatar

    Äh… blir det inte lite skevt att tänka så? Om man alltid jämför sig med någon som gör värre saker (för det finns det ju alltid) är det klart att ens värld “bleknar”, men det är väl inte så relevant?

    Ja, jag har det mycket bra än så länge. Jag tror att jag kommer att trivas här.

    Statyerna är rätt coola. Det finns kanske… öh… 20 sådana i samma stil och flera är riktigt coola. Jag kanske skulle samla ihop bilder på dem?


  3. Alva’s avatar

    Det är klart att det är skevt att tänka så – på samma gång blir det ju att man siktar högre samtidigt som det får effekten att det egna bleknar och att man kanske tänker att man aldrig når så högt som den man ser upp till, och därför ger upp. Det beror ju helt på hur man tacklar det :) Och nej, det är inte nödvändigtvis relevant men svårt tt undvika.

    Ta kort på statyer! :)