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More lucid dreaming

Since I decided to take up lucid dreaming again, I have not written anything concerning this project, simply because nothing of interest has happened until now. Earlier today, I took a nap and experienced the fourth lucid dream in my life. Before I explain what happened, I will introduce the concept of lucid dreaming for those of you who are not familiar with it. I also refer to my first entry about lucid dreaming, written roughly ten months ago.

Lucid dreaming is easy to explain, but difficult to understand if one has not experience the phenomenon (most people never have, but some people seem to have lucid dreams every night without thinking that it is strange). I do not care to elaborate further on how extraordinary fascinating the experience of lucid dreams is, because I have already done so in my first post. In short, a lucid dream is a dream in which the dreamer is perfectly conscious of the fact that it is a dream. It feels exactly like being awake, the mind is working clearly and logically (lucidly). The environment, however, is still that of dreamland, which makes the experience very strange and, occasionally, frightening.

I say that today’s lucid dream was my fourth. Regarding the first one, I have already provided a link to an entry describing it in detail. The second one was only a few seconds long, but extremely frightening; I woke up almost immediately. The third one was very pleasant and I had some control of the environment (I decided to go skiing, and the good feeling that that instilled lingered throughout the day). However, the third one was also very short; it felt like less than one minute. That being said, let me move on to the fourth one.

I normally sleep around six hours every night, adding complementary naps during the day if necessary. Last night, I went to bed around three o’clock and woke up slightly after nine. Planning to go out for a while, I decided to take a nap between 11:40 and 12:00. I know I dreamed something the first half, but I cannot remember what. The second half, however, I remember very clearly.

It was in the form of some sort of computer game, and it was about some mysterious, hostile figures all dressed in black. The scene was a large shopping mall with two floors, everything impeccably white and shiny. The reason it felt like a computer game was that I knew what to expect. For instance, I knew that if I tried the window leading out to a small alley, I would be remorselessly gunned down. Also, I knew roughly where the enemies were, because I had played this scene before, so to speak.. So, instead, I ran for some other part of the shopping mall I had not yet tried. Then, suddenly, as I was crouching down behind a low wall for protection, I asked myself why I should be so caution; it is only a simulation anyway. This is the instance I became lucid.

Once lucid, I deliberately tried two things: to stay lucid and to relax. I did not want the dream to go away, so I focused on my every action, being conscious of movements and things around me (I have read on forums that this is generally advisable if one wants to stay lucid). I also did not want to panic as I did for my first two lucid dreams, so I also tried to relax. This was no problem this time, I only felt elation as I began to explore the upper floor of the shopping mall.

The first thing wanted to do was to interact with somebody. I tried to run towards a man walking away from me, but my motions were very slow, and he eventually escaped. I turned around to find somebody else. Since I wanted to do something with impact, I decided to hit the nearest person. It happened to be a man in a grey, tweed suit, but when I came closer, it turned out that he was a giant; I only reached to his chest, not his head as I had intended. Feeling a little bit intimidated by this discovery, I nevertheless reached out to touch him. However, my hand touched the wall next to my bed, and thus I woke up.

I am not quite familiar with the way lucid dreamers classify their dreams, but this one was certainly more lucid than the three before. I was able to relax and focus on the fact that this was a lucid dream. However, it was unsatisfactorily short, and I hope that I will be able to explore the dream more fully next time. This dream was very important though, because it tells me that I can become lucid just by focusing on my dreams for a while (it took three weeks this time). Extrapolating from previous dreams, I predict even more lucid dreams in the future. Stay tuned.

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