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Project page

This is my page for handling projects of various kinds. It can be found here, rather than on my own computer, for many reasons. First, publicity puts some extra pressure on me, which has proved very useful in the past. Second, I want to be able to access the page from wherever I am, which makes it convenient to have it online. Third, some people may actually be interested in what I am doing (and how), so this page is for you as well. Fourth, this is also a place to collect projects I have finished, not including minor tasks or goals.

This page was completely rewritten 2009-07-05 after my decision to change my overall strategy for handling of goals and projects (please refer to this post). I furthered altered the structure on 2009-11-23 and abandoned weekly goals.

– An inactive goal
– An active goal
– An accomplished goal

Current projects
Long-term goals
Ideas and embryos

This post was last updated on 2010-02-09.


Long-term goals
– Planche
– 60 seconds frog stance
– 60 seconds tucked planche (45)
– 60 seconds straddle planche
– Front lever
– 60 tucked front lever (2009-04-07)
– 60 advanced tucked front lever (2009-07-07)
– 60 seconds straddle front lever (10)
– One-arm chin-up
– One-arm negative chin-up, right (2009-01-09)
– One-arm negative chin-up, left (2009-05-01)
– 6 negative alternating negative chin-ups (2)
– 12 negative alternating negative chin-ups
– Handstand/walking
– Manage 5 minutes wall run in one go
– Manage 10 minutes wall run in one go
– Walk 100 metres
– Manage straddle-down with full control (2009-07-24)
– Manage straddle press to handstand
– Manage press to handstand
– 15 handstand push-ups, wall
– Handstand clapping push-up
– Increase side split and pike flexibility

– Novel
– Write synopsis
– Discuss with friends
– Finish planning
– Finish part 1
– Launch IRC game to explore setting
– Write short stories
– Magneter och mirakel
– Revise rules
– Receive feedback on rules
– Finish remaining two scenarios
– Adapt exterior scenarios
– Handle feedback on last scenario
– Handle feedback on pedagogy

– Learn Chinese
– Finish 今日台灣 中級漢語課程
– Finish 實用視聽華語 book 1, 2, 3
– Finish 實用視聽華語 book 4
– Finish 實用視聽華語 book 5
– Finish 遠東生活話語 book 3
– Learn the 3000 most common characters
– Keep ZDT interval filter at zero

– Read all Hugo Award winning novels
– Mark Clifton, Frank Riley – They’d Rather Be Right
– Explore lucid dreaming
– Learn to meditate properly
– Meditate 25 times (2/25)
– Spend 25 hours studying anatomy (16/25)
– Watch 5 films from each continent
– Try 50 new recipes
– Spend 50 hours drawing (14)
– Learn to talk more slowly
3×3 using Petrus (best 0:33)
4×4 using centres first + Petrus (best 3:04)
Megaminx using Petrus (best 7:56)
3×3 blindfolded, using 3OP (best 11:42)

Ideas and embryos
Spend one day blindfolded
Fast for a week
Learn and write about the five top origins of migration
Get 2.0 on the Swedish Scholastic Aptitude Test
Write five short stories
Learn all the words in Collins Cobuild Advanced Learners English Dictionary
Get som fancy business cards
Send a photo of myself to random people and ask them to comment
Buy something from Sahm
Collect 100 pictures
Write a concluding 101-in-1001 essay

Notable accomplishments
Swim 10 000 metres in 4 hours
Run 42 kilometres
Manage a free handstand for one minute
Do 25 chin-ups
Hike 50 kilometres with a 10-kilo rucksack in one day
Publish Nostalgi
Publish Tornet mot stjärnorna
Type 500 characters per minute for two minutes


  1. Martin’s avatar

    Det är ju något ambitiösare än min nya lista, men jag antar att det är don efter person som gäller… Lycka till! :)


  2. Olle Linge’s avatar

    Ja, vi får se hur det går. :) Någon sade någon gång att inget system för att få saker gjorda håller mer än några månader. Även om jag inte håller med om det riktigt så får vi se hur länge det här håller. Det känns dock som ett rätt flexibelt sätt att hålla reda på saker, så det borde gå bättre än tidigare, kan man tycka.