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I usually only publish pictures I take when they are relevant for what I plan to write anyway, but that means that I collect quite a number of photos which haven’t merited posts of their own, but still, gathered together, deserves publication. So, like I did for the spring of 2009, I’ll now publish some more or less miscellaneous pictures taken during my time in Linkou (all pictures aren’t mine, so credit where credit is due). I will also take the opportunity to talk a little bit about the pictures and what they signify. This is part 2 of 2 (go to the first part).

Ready for action! It’s time for 滑罐. I like the James Bond pose. This method involves applying low pressure to various parts of the skin and then moving the cup producing this pressure around. It’s supposed to increase circulation and all kinds of stuff, but I’m not really an expert. Since I played lots of badminton and my back was sort of wrecked, I thought I’d give this a try.

Good someone is happy, at least! To be honest, this didn’t hurt at all…

…although it looks horrible.

Having completed the 滑罐, he went on to do some normal massage, which was really nice. Thanks for everything!

This is what it looked like later that evening. I was quite shocked myself, actually, because even though people had told me what it looked like, this was really the first time I saw it with my own eyes (so to speak).

My classmates (and teacher), whom I’ll miss sorely.

Class out in the sunshine! It would be a crime to waste sunlight when it rains so much.

On the way to Taipei after our last class on Friday.

Spreading the disease!

Meisui after washing her hands. It’s either this or zombie style, but I like both.

From the dinner with Peicen’s coworkers (she couldn’t go, she was in Thailand).

Very shy, but also very cute.

大哥 and I. And about the shirt, it’s Ian’s and the theme for the evening involved flowers.

The dinner was quite nice in general, but I had way too much to eat. The company was a lot better than the food!

Everybody, I think.

From another dinner, with Peicen and coworkers.

Christmas! Yeah, I know the chronolgy isn’t the best.

Playing with my phone, lots of mist and street lights at midnight.

Peicen in the fog.

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