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Mohawk prevails

Mohawk or no Mohawk, that is the question. I have had this hair style since New Years Eve 2007 and I must say I like it more now than I did then, most probably because it looks better with longer hair. Also, I realise that removing the beard was a pretty good move. The problem is that it requires adjusting twice every month, because otherwise the hair on the sides grows too long and the style begins to look rather weird. It is now almost four weeks since I did this. It would be very convenient indeed just to get rid of it altogether.

Whichever I decided, I needed a clipper, so after some looking around and some help, I found bought one today (the most expensive one cost around 300 SEK and its the best I have tried so far). This was the deal: If I managed to fix it adequately on my own, I would keep it. If not, I would just remove everything. Even though I am normally not fond of posting pictures of myself, I will do so now just to prove that I am still alive and well.
As you can see, the hair on the sides is so long that it reaches over the Mohawk itself, which looks horrible. I would have done something much earlier if I had not been such a nuisance to find the clipper.
Slightly better from the side, though.
Perhaps I should have it like this more often. Or then again, perhaps not.
First try. It is fairly difficult to see, because the my hair refuses to be straight. However, it seems like it I have missed a little bit.
From the left it looks much better and I can see nothing wrong.
After a shower and a second attempt. The right side (left on the picture) looks much better.
It is not perfect, but neither am I, so I think I can live with this. Bear in mind that most of the irregularities are because of the way the hair is combed and not necessarily because I have made a mistake.

I am not going to put this to a vote, but I would still like to hear what you think. I might ask someone to adjust it later, but right now I have no one around I want to bother. People here think I look strange anyway, so I do not think this will change anything.

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The idea of this task (from the 101 in 1001 list) stems from a discussion with some friends relating to the subject of how the physical image of a person affects that person’s conception of herself. The hypothesis was that someone who regularly changes her appearance, would develop a more flexible view. People like me, whose attitude to changes in appearance, is more akin to geography than to fashion, would then have a rather rigid and inflexible view. I have no idea if this is true or if it makes any kind of sense whatsoever, but that can’t be helped.

My automatic response to a question about why I like the way I am now, goes along the lines: “Because I don’t care very much.” The more I think about this, the more I realise this is only partially true. Sure, I don’t care very much about how I look compared to how much other people seem to care, but I care as well. I think everyone does. The other part is that I think that I’m afraid of change. Appearance is an aspect of myself which is rather easy to change. It’s also comparatively easy to change back. So here we go:



It will take some time for me getting used to it. So far I’m rather positive about the change. My hair dries in about two seconds and I don’t get strands of it in my eyes all the time. Also, it tickled pleasantly when I biked home from my parents. I still flinch when I look in a mirror, though.

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