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Borrowed camera

Some people have asked my why I so seldom make use of photographs in my articles. There are three answers to this question. First, I have no camera. Second, I do not think my life contains many interesting things to photograph. Third, I think photographing an event removes focus from that very event (article in Swedish).

The first is now history, because I have borrowed a Canon Digital Ixus 500 from my parents (thank you very much!). The second will change this autumn when I go to Taiwan. The third will still persist, but I can promise that my articles in the future will sport more photographs. To start, I took a few pictures of my room, the dormitory in which I live and its immediate surroundings. There are also some random pictures towards the end. Enjoy!

The street outside.

My door.

Pigeon holes.

The door to my corridor.

Corridor living room.


Corridor living room.

My door.

Shoes upside-down.

Elbow lever.


Handstand again.

Usually, there is more water.

But Niklas does not mind.

Unfortunately, no photo of the landing.

Super Rut with cape and all.

Ten out of ten for style.

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Buy a scanner

Perhaps, this is not fresh news, but since I am currently updating my 101 list, I thought I might as well seize the opportunity and write about one task I have forgotten to write about: the scanner. When entering this task on the list, I had a very specific goal in mind. As you probably know, I am currently studying to become a teacher, and I have decided that computers and digital storage is the only way of handling large volumes useful exercises and teacher-related data. The idea is to scan everything I might need later and to keep the multitudes of paper away from my binders.

It is now a couple of months since I bought a CanoScan LiDE 60, which seemed to be rather good as well as not particularly expensive. It slim and has the feature of being able to scan when it is standing vertically, which means that it does not require much space. So far, I have merely scanned what I want keep, leaving till later the sorting and categorising of the data. I am quite satisfied with the scanner; the scanning itself seems to be working alright as well as OCR.

In a broader perspective, I do not really know if this endeavour is worth the effort, because I would need a laptop computer to bring with be to school if I were to test it properly. However, I am rather convinced that it will turn out satisfactorily and that my scanner will play its designated part.

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