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Some people ask why I have a goal such as “Organise and catalogue all my books” on my list. The simple answer is that I like to have things neatly ordered, but there is also a more pragmatic aspect. As most readers will undoubtedly have noticed, I tend to review a lot of books, and after a while it becomes difficult keeping them separate. Do not get me wrong, I never lose track of what books I have and roughly what I thought about them, but I have no way of browsing a well-sorted list of the books. Also, the search function on this website is limited, not being optimised for books at all.

Therefore, I decided to register an account on LibraryThing, a service that keeps track of your books and connects you to larger community based on what you read. Registration is free and you may catalogue up to 200 books without paying anything. I was satisfied with the service provided, and after adding 200 books, I decided to invest the $15 or whatever it cost for a lifetime membership (I cannot recall the exact amount, but it was not much).

I have now catalogued roughly 650 books, a library which comprises all books I have read or listened to during the past few years, along with all books I own in print, with links attached to relevant reviews on Snigel.nu. I consider this item on my 101-in-1001 list completed. If you are curious and want to know more, you can view my account on LibraryThing.


The origin of this task is the rather doubtful privilege of having to skip the current track about ten times to actually get to some music I enjoy. When I started, I had accumulated about 10.000 songs. What I did was to listen to all of them in alphabetical order, removing artists, albums or songs I did not like.

The endeavour took roughly two months to accomplish, but I managed to trim the 10.000 songs down to around 3.300. I must say I enjoyed doing this, because I got to listen to a lot of music I’ve never heard. Most of it I threw away, but some of it I’ve kept. I also tagged everything neatly and got rid of incomplete or corrupt versions of songs or albums. In the future I will, hopefully, be able to do this piecemeal and thus avoid having the same item on the 101-list that will succeed this one.

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The first task I complete on my 101 tasks in 1001 days-project is a rather surprising one. Admittedly, it is not the most inspiring or interesting one, but it needed doing. First, I bought a new Seagate Barracuda (250 GB), almost a duplicate of the one I’ve already got. This enabled me to backup and rearrange almost everything I cherish on my computer, including audio books. Then I spent about ten hours sorting and renaming files into a new directory structure. Doing it piecemeal instead of a ten hour consecutive marathon made it a lot easier than it might sound. And now I’m done. Yay.

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