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Donate blood

Donating blood is one of those small things I fail to do, even though it require a fairly small effort on my part, especially if I happen to bike through the hospital compound on my way somewhere. I often find excuses not to. For instance, I exercise a lot, and draining blood is not very good for performance. But really, I have no good excuse not to, because it only takes so long to recuperate afterwards (I am feeling just fine now, half an hour later, and I expect to be able to practice diving this evening). I entered the task to donate blood to my 101-in-1001 list to make sure that I actually did it.

Donating blood has several advantages, except that it helps people who badly need the blood. For instance, one receives a free health check a few times every year, since they analyse the blood for anything harmful before using it. At least here in town, they also give you biscuits, orange juice and a couple of minutes relaxation, along with a check that can be used to buy things certain things. I think these things taken together makes donating blood worthwhile, even if one only considers oneself. Naturally, I do not, so donating blood is awesome.

I should of course have made the goal more specific. What does it mean to donate blood? Is once enough? No, that seems more like something done on a whim, not intended to be a habit. Three times seems better, so after having donated blood at least three times (actually, it might be more, but I am certain it is not less), I consider this task done. It will be over a year till next time, but that cannot be helped.

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A task on my 101-in-1001 list reads: “Buy a really good book and pass it on to someone, so that he or she can pass it on when they have read it”.The most difficult part of this task was to find a book which I really wanted to give away. I have a lot of favourite readings, but most of them are rather narrow and are perhaps not suitable for a broader audience. However, after reading Flowers for Algernon, I felt that I had at least found the right book.

The second part involved writing some sort of preface and preparing the book. I laminated the cover with plastic cover and glued the preface to the first page. I also included a list towards the end of the book so that readers could sign their names after having read the book.

The third part was of course to give the book to someone. I decided to give it to Frida, because she seemed interested in the book after having read the review, and she wanted to read more in general. Hopefully, Flowers for Algernon will prove to be an enjoyable experience for her and others who will follow after her.

I expect that it will take a while to receive feedback on this task, but I am prepared to wait. I admit that I will be a bit disappointed if I do not get any at all, but the task is at least finished and now it is up to others how it will turn out.

Update: Here is the text I glued to the first page:


You hold this book in your hands because I wanted to find a novel that I really love and to give it away to someone with the instruction to read it, and then pass it on to someone else. It took a long time to find the perfect novel, but after having read Flowers for Algernon, no doubt remained. If you receive this book, the important thing is to pass it on, whether you yourself read it or not. Feel free to add your name to the list at the end of the book or to tell me what you think of the book by visiting my website (http://www.snigel.nu/?p=632), where you can find my review of the novel. I hope that you will enjoy this book as much as I did!

With hope of bringing joyful reading,

Olle Linge, July 26th, 2007



När jag startade hemsidan för snart tre år sedan, trodde jag kanske att någon enstaka person här och var skulle hitta något intressant och kanske rentav återvända regelbundet. Jag räknade dock inte med att någon skulle bli så begeistrad att en donation skulle bli aktuell. Det är inte lite pengar det rör sig om heller: 10000 (tiotusen) kronor! Jag har i skrivandets stund inte riktigt förstått det. Det är bara en siffra på mitt kontoutdrag och inget annat. Det häftigaste med det här är förstås inte att jag är tiotusen kronor rikare, utan att någon uppskattar vad jag gör så mycket att det är värt den summan.

Motiveringen till dessa galenskaper var just att min sida innehåller, jag citerar, ”fabulöst välskrivna och intressanta artiklar”. Jag vet inte själv om jag håller med om detta uttalande, men jag blir i alla fall tacksam och också lite stolt. Avslutningsvis vill jag därför rikta ett ofantligt tack till Oskar, både för donationen och för de vänliga orden. Pengarna kommer jag att sprida vidare genom att donera dem till andra sidor jag själv gillar.

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