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Several of the items on my 101 list include hiking and outdoor activity, either directly or indirectly. For instance, I have already bought a pair of boots. Another thing I needed was a rucksack big enough to be sufficient for longer trips. Last year I borrowed an old rucksack from my parents, but I wanted one of my own and was not quite satisfied with the one I borrowed either. The problem with premium gear is that it costs a lot. After browsing the internet for quite some time, I found several models that interested me. Hence, I was delighted when I found a forum post recommending a shop on German eBay. They sold the Berghaus Cyclops Atlas roughly 60 % cheaper than in Sweden: just short of €200, shipping included.

I received the package yesterday after only five days, which is very satisfactory. The rucksack itself looks fine as well, but I will have to test it thoroughly before making any judgement of its qualities. Anyway, it has got a total capacity of 100 litres, including two detachable 10-litre side pockets (which can be zipped together to form a 20-litre pack for shorter detours). The main compartment can be accessed from the top as well as from a zip near the bottom and it is divisible by means of a drawcord. The rucksack weighs roughly 2.9 kilos and looks like this:

I intend to use it for hiking, but it is probably excellent for travelling purposes as well. My expectations are rather high, since it scores incredibly well on various reviews all over the internet. As I said, I will have to get back to you on this when I have actually tested it properly, but for now I am quite satisfied.

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Buying a pair of boots may seem like something easily done and this is indeed the case, provided one knows exactly what boots to purchase. When I composed my 101-list, I knew that I wanted to have new boots, both because I wanted to increase my rate of outdoor activity (hiking, for instance) and because I thought it would be good to wear shoes which were actually comfortable and adequate for walking long distances. Last summer, I borrowed a pair of Meindl boots from my father and tried them out during several hikes. During the autumn, I found out that they worked pretty well for everyday usage as well.

The problem was of course that these boots were not mine. I have been looking for other, similar boots, but I have not been able to find any until last week. As it happens, I managed to find several different brands on sale in town. Being extremely lucky, there was a pair identical to the one I had borrowed. The original price was set to 2200 SEK, but it was lowered to 1400 SEK. I bought the very last pair there was and I am very satisfied indeed.

There is a bewildering idiosyncrasy of the boots in that their name seems to be specific for the shop in which I bought them. They are called Meindl Lugano GTX, a name which does not appear anywhere on the Internet. I e-mailed the shop and asked them about it and they confirmed that it indeed is a name solely used by them. Their answer to my query also indicated that it was a unique model as well, but that seems highly unlikely to me. However, I have been unable to find any other name for them. Anyway, this concludes item 87 on my list. Hurrah.

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Military Shop

Efter ungefär två veckors funderingar har jag så slutligen beställt grejer från www.militaryshop.se. De BDU-byxor jag har bott i de senaste sju-åtta åren kommer därifrån och nu är det dags att köpa nya. Jag passade även på att beställa lite annat smått och gott. Nu ska vi se:

x Två par 5.11 Tactical Pants
x 30 meter paracord
x ASP Sapphire lampa
x KIWI skokräm och skoborste
x Tasmanian Tiger första hjälpen väska

Hela härligeten landade på lite drygt 2000 pengar och jag delar frakten med en kompis, så förhoppningsvis blir det inte mycket mer än så. Det jag ser fram mot mest är förstås byxorna, men jag har redan hundra saker jag ska använda linan till. Sjukvårdsväskan är mest bra att ha hemma och lampan kan nog också vara bra att ha. Så småningom är det dags att köpa kängor och jag tyckte att jag lika gärna kunde förbereda mig. Nästa steg (höhö) mot nya kängor är att undersöka när och hur jag kan skaffa ortopediska inlägg.

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