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GothCon 2008

After having turned on all heat-generating equipment in my apartment, I have now finally thawed enough to be able to write something here. It appears that my three-day visit to Gothenburg have left my room in the hands of the Frost Giants, because the radiators here are not enough to force them out. Anyway, this post is supposed to be about the gaming convention I visited (GothCon XXXII).

I left home Thursday afternoon together with a couple of friends. We had decided to arrange a shop, selling Kaleidoskop games (of which there are three at the moment), but apart from that, my plans only included meeting a lot of nice people I rarely meet in real life. I quited visiting gaming conventions in order to play games a long time ago. Sure, I do play games while visiting the conventions, but that is not why I go there.

My overall impression of this particular event is overwhelmingly positive. First and foremost, it was incredibly inspiring to be able to sell our games (even though I have not even written any of those we sold). It sparked more motivation for me to finish the projects I am currently working on, which feels very good. I have also experienced the fantastic synergy created by co-writing role-playing projects, something I hope was an expression of something general and not merely a fluke.

I probably could go on more about details, but I seriously doubt that anyone would be interested. Therefore, I will conclude by saying that this was, if not the best, then at least one among the best gaming conventions I have ever visited. As usual, it had little to do with the event itself, but was rather a product of all the nice people and the aforementioned Kaleidoskop activity. I look forward to upcoming events, when we will have had time to publish more games and polish our cooperative publishing initiative even more.

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GothCon 2006

Nu är jag hemma igen, från den trettionde upplagan av spelkonventet GothCon. Jag är osäker på hur många år jag varit där, men det börjar närma sig tio. Liksom på LinCon förra året var jag med och arrangerade/spelledde We’re so Screwed: ett drop-in rollspelsscenario i Star Wars miljö. Förutom det bestod konventet mestadels av att spela andra spel och snacka skit med trevliga forumiter. Ett stort minus var att jag var sjuk dagarna innan vi åkte och en kall första natt (innan vi drog igång värmen) gjorde att jag var lite småkrasslig under resten av evenemanget.

Jag blev också inspirerad till en del under konventet. Det ser bland annat ut som att jag tänker skriva ihop ett scenario till mitt rollspel Magneter och Mirakel till LinCon som går av stapeln i början av juni. Jag behöver något att pyssla med för att få inträdet tillbaka och om vi inte byter regler till We’re so Screwed kommer jag inte att orka spelleda det igen (eldstrider i D20 är förmodligen det tråkigaste jag minns från konventet). Men nu är jag hemma igen, fortfarande krasslig men med många nya idéer.

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