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After some uncharacteristic pre-departure anxiety yesterday evening, I actually managed to sleep the whole night through without the slightest problem, and packing up the last of my things this morning, it actually feelt quite good. I’m not going to be long-winded, because I have to leave in 20 minutes and still have some things to do, but I will give you a rough outline about the travel plan for the coming two days.

Thursday (GMT)
08:15Leaving home
09:00 – Train leaves for Stockholm Arlanda
15:00 – Flight to Amsterdam
21:00 – Flight to Hong Kong

Friday (GMT+6)
14:30 – Arrival in Hong Kong
16:00 – Flight to Taipei
18:00 – Arrival in Taipei

…and onwards into the sunset.

Update: Now in Amsterdam, everything fine so far. I’m steadily getting better at blindfolded cubing, too, perhaps I should travel more.


Almost three months felt like a long time when I’d just returned hom from Taiwan, but as wiser people could have told me, time flies, and on Thursday I leave Sweden yet again to spend a year on the other side of the world. Writing this, I’m in Uppsala paying a visit to a couple of friends, but I have a lot of things I really need to do before I go.

Tomorrow, I’m going to the Taiwan office (having no official diplomatic ties, there is no embassy) in Stockholm to fetch my passport and visa, which has been the source of quite some angst recently. More about that later. Monday will probably be quite busy going to Stockholm and then back to Link√∂ping again, and I suppose I have things to pack and arrange at home, too.

Tuesday, I plan to wrap up some things at Image Systems. I haven’t accomplished as much as I thought I would, but I hope I will be granted the opportunity to complete some of it later. Tuesday evening will be some sort of farewell social get-together at my parents’ place (nothing fancy). If you know where it is, you’re more than welcome to join us from seven o’clock and onwards, but please call me to make sure that the time and place haven’t changed.

Wednesday is a sort of backup day. Probably, it will be used to do whatever I didn’t have time to do on Tuesday (such as working or packing up). There will of course be some unforeseen tasks to be done and having at least one day to fix these things is quite essential to good planning.

On Thursday, I leave for Stockholm before noon and then head for the airport, then Amsterdam, then Hong Kong, then Taipei and the future, but if I know myself correctly, I suppose you’ll hear much about that later. It’s not yet time to say good-bye, but there isn’t much time left either.