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Title: Psycho
Directed by:
Alfred Hitchcock
Written by:
Robert Bloch (novel), Joseph Stefano, Samuel A. Taylor
Year: 1960

Since I started reviewing everything I watch, I’ve come across three films by Alfred Hitchcock, and I have given all of them four snails and comments which can be summarised as “well-made, but not entirely my cup of tea”. This is true for Psycho as well, so this review will be quite brief.

The story is about a young woman (Vera Miles) who steals a hefty sum of money from her boss and flees the city, stopping by a motel, well off the main road. It’s run by a certain Mr. Bates (Anthony Hopkins) who clearly is too much under the influence of his mother. From here, the story develops into a thriller with people being murdered one after the other, but with no clear motive or obvious murderer.

Psycho uses a few narrative techniques (such as completely changing the main character) I find interesting, and, as I’ve already said in the first paragraph, the film is expertly directed and produced. In short, there are few things to criticise. However, I still find the basic story somewhat dull. Yes, the style does manage to liven things up, but sadly, I feel I have to deviate from my previous streak of giving four snails to Hitchcock and give only three snails to Psycho.

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Titel: The Hugo Winners – Volume 1
Redaktör: Isaac Asimov
Utgivningsår: 1971 (1971)
Recenserad: 2005-10-10
Status: I bokhyllan

Den här recensionen blir kort och jag vill mest lyfta fram de noveller jag tycker är läsvärda. Dessa är Exploration Team (Murray Leinster), The Star (Arhur C. Clarke), Or All the Seas with Oysters (Avram Davidson), Flowers for Algernon (Daniel Keyes). De är minnesvärda av olika anledningar. Den första är en enastående berättelse om en fientlig planet, den andra är bland de bästa noveller jag vet, i alla fall om man delar braheten med antalet sidor, den tredje är finurligt kuslig, den fjärde rörande och tankeväckande på samma gång. Jag borde läsa fler noveller.

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