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Settling in

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This day has been incredibly hectic and made a lot worse because of lack of sleep and food. I woke up fairly early to make sure I got to the university in time to solve some of my most urgent problems (like where the classrooms are, which group I’m in, how I should register, etcetera) if not fixed, then at least outlined so I know what to do. Not knowing anything is the worst imaginable situation and even if I only had to suffer it for a couple of days, it still counts as one of the worst episodes in my life (more on that later, in another post).

At five o’clock I had learnt several things. First, I’m going to be in group A (which is the highest level for freshmen), at least unless something weird happens (they have too many students and have to change some into another class, but I’m going to fight hard to stay where I am). Second, I know the courses seem interesting, but very different from the language centres. The teachers seem to think it’s better than language centres, but I’m not so sure. At least three times as many students as I’m used to just can’t be an advantage. Third, there are, at least so far, no problems concerning my late arrival or anything else related to the more bureaucratic aspects of my education here.

At five o’clock, I also went to my temporary room to check with the landlord if the other room (mentioned here) was vacated. It was, but I was only able to inspect it at eight o’clock or so. It was alright, but I was still set to stay in the dormitory at the university that night, just to see what it was like. I told the landlord that I couldn’t decide now, and left for the dormitory. The moment I crossed the threshold, I knew that I didn’t want to live there. I can’t explain why, but I really did want to go back and rent that room.

So I did. Had I called five minutes later, the room would probably have been rented to somebody else, but I suppose I was lucky and the room is mine now. It isn’t super, but it’s good enough. In short, it’s fairly small, well-furnished, has a nice cable connection and is located around 25 minutes walk from the university. On the downside, it costs a bit (5500 per month, which is about 1200 Swedish crowns; cheap compared to Sweden, but it’s not very good here) and the building seems to be fairly poorly isolated, at least when it comes to sound. We’ll see about cold in a few months. I’m going to stay here at least for the first semester, and then I’ll see what happens.

This is what it looks like. I’ll publish more photos of the town, the university and so forth, but all in due time. For the moment, I’m happy to know I have somewhere to stay.

It almost feels like a cabin in Switzerland, but only almost.

Small but adequate, I hope.

And the bathroom door is one centimetre too narrow to fit my chin-up bar.

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