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Even though I usually summarise the year on my birthday, some things are more easily handled when the year is still young and fresh. I’ve been publishing statistics for Snigel.nu for four years now, but this is the first time the trend is towards fewer visitors instead of more. I don’t regard this as a problem, but after presenting the data, I will still say something about it. This is what the months looked like in 2010:

Statistics and graph from StatCounter.

Statistics and graph from StatCounter.

And some comparisons with previous years (monthly averages):

2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 Change
Page loads: 994 1806 3231 3522 2475 -30%
Unique visitors: 479 952 2081 2323 1494 -36%
Returning visitors: 184 318 475 528 338 -36%

In my statistics report last year
, I said that if I were running a business, these figures would make me worried (referring to last year’s data of course). I’m still not running a business, so I don’t really care about the data as such, even though I think it’s interesting to speculate on what the causes might be. It seems like the month with the most visitors in 2010 didn’t even surpass the month with the fewest visitors in 2009!

I think there are a couple of reasons. First and foremost, when I lived in Taiwan, my website was my channel back to Sweden, it was the way in which I told people at home what I was doing. I don’t know how many read my website regularly, but my guess is that these people have at least to some extent stopped reading, either because I’m now home again or because my life in Sweden don’t generate as many interesting blog posts as did my life in Taiwan. Still, the rate of change was negative even in last year’s report, so I think this is merely a continuation of the same decline.

Another major reason ought to be that I don’t write much any longer. I have several other major writing projects, including a new website for learning Chinese (see www.hackingchinese.com), a novel and at least three role-playing games. I have stopped reviewing books, I’ve stopped reviewing films; nowadays I only write when I have something I really want to write about or to maintain some semblance of activity. Here are some numbers for you (I didn’t realise it was this exaggerated until I looked myself):

Posts written in 2009: 203
Posts written in 2010: 88
Posts written in Q4 2010: 8

People in the know say that content is king on the Internet, and even if I’ve accumulated a fair number of articles over the years, I seem to have stopped adding to the pile. Or rather, I haven’t stopped adding, I’ve simply started adding to different piles instead (for instance, I’ve written around 30 articles about learning Chinese in the past three months).

So, what does all this boil down to? Nothing, really. This website will most likely remain more or less as it is as long as I feel that I have things I want to write, which is likely to be a very long time. It’s interesting to see visitors come and go, but even though individual visitors and feedback is highly appreciated, an anonymous audience is not the reason I write. Even though I might keep this low post frequency for a foreseeable future, I hope you will stay tuned!

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