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I have been very bad at updating what’s going on recently. The last post was written ten days ago and in that time, a lot of things have happened, at least emotionally, geographically and psychologically. I’m back in Sweden and I’m slowly coming to terms with that, regardless of what I lost when I left Taiwan. Coming back home is great in itself and the experience is only somewhat dimmed because of what I have lost.

This is not going to be a long musing on my personal feelings regarding leaving Taiwan and coming back to Sweden, however. I write merely to say that everything is okay and that the lack of posts doesn’t mean that I’m dead. I also write to say that posting will remain scarce for a while yet, because tomorrow I’m leaving for Latvia with my parents, my siblings and their families. I will be gone until next Friday, so don’t expect anything until then. I have a few topics regarding Taiwan that I want to discuss while they are still fresh in my mind, so when I get back, expect more in that direction, along with a few reviews of books I’ve read recently.

I will also try to plan what I want to do in the near future and share that with you. During the summer, I will have plenty of time to write, read, socialise, exercise and lots more. I have too many projects I have postponed long enough! I will start thinking and planning while I’m gone, even though I won’t write about any of this here until I get back.

See you soon!

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I left Sweden almost nine months ago and it feels a bit odd to be back again. I have made two singular observations so far: there are foreigners everywhere (i.e. non-Asian people), and the climate is cold and dry. I think both might be rather obvious, but it’s interesting for that very reason. I’ll try to expand on some cultural observations later, but right now I mostly wanted to say that I’ve arrived safely in Sweden after roughly 26 hours travelling.

I would also like to bring up some practical matters. I have no cellular available in Sweden (and not my SIM card either), and it’ll be at least two week before I can retrieve my old phone and the SIM card. The easiest way to get in contact with me is still over the Internet, but since I’ll stay at my parents’ house, calling them would also work.

I suppose I will be quite busy the next couple of weeks, with lots of people to meet and lots of things to catch up with. However, I have at least one month before I’ll even consider doing something serious, such as working, so I think the circumstances are perfect for enjoying the Swedish summer. At the airport, I saw a newspaper headline announcing that summer is ready to start for real soon. I’m here now, so let’s go!

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Online Highlights 3

It’s time for some new Online Highlights. I’ve thought about recommending old ones too, but as long as I keep stumbling upon things like these, there is no serious need for that. Thanks to those who sent the links to me in the first place.

The Stockholm Syndrome, Part 1 and Part 2 – I seldom watch programs like The Daily Show, but when this link reached me from three different sources within a few days, I decided to have a look. This comparison between Sweden and The United States is probably the funniest program I’ve watched this year.

Skeptic Stones – Are you afraid that you might be under the influence of supernatural powers? Fear no more, buy a skeptic stone! This is a brilliant idea adequately executed. It’s of course a bonus that it gives the finger to all sorts of paranormal merchandise out there.

Inspired bikes – When I watched Kris Holm on his unicycle, I thought that was it for being impressed of people skills on wheel(s). I was wrong. It’s actually possible to do even more impressive things with two wheels! I love clips like this because they inspire me to pursue my own goals. I will never be as good at anything as this guy is on his bicycle, but I can dream.

Stampa med Leroy (with English subtitles) –  This is fairly old by now, but if I managed to miss it for such a long time, perhaps some of you did, too. Anyway, this is Leroy introducing the techniques you need to conquer the dance floor. Perhaps this doesn’t sound like much, but it’s quite unbeatable.

Sheep LED art –  What can you do with some lights and a bunch of sheep? Quite a lot it turn s out. However, it definitely has to been seen to believed, no explanation will even come close to the truth.

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