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Diving, autumn 2007

This is a report I have postponed many times because of lack of video sequences, but now I feel that I have to write it in spite of the fact that I still lack some dives I would have liked to present here. A month has passed since last year ended, and if I want to call this a report on last semester’s diving, shooting film now is a bit too late anyway. I refer to this post (in Swedish), which covers diving from last spring. My comparisons are based on perceived differences between now and then. What I will discuss is the result of 7275 minutes (121 hours) of practicing between June last years and January this year. It is now roughly one year since I started to practice diving and the practice session add up to a grand total of 13155 minutes (219 hours), not including handstand practicing.

Since I know that most readers are not interested in my analyses, I will leave them for now and present a list of sequences, firstly to enable comparisons later, but also to show new things I have learnt since last time. Unfortunately, I lack correct terminology in English, so the naming is somewhat ad hoc (Wikipedia entry on diving and nomenclature). I provide links to film sequences if available (in mp4-format, behind the camera: Niklas, thank you).

First, a brief visit to Norrköping (with a ten-metre platform, which we lack here in town) resulted in:

7,5 m, 101D, forward dive, free *
7,5 m, 103C, forward one-and-a-half somersaults, tucked *
10 m, 101D, forward dive, free *
10 m, 103C, forward one-and-a-half somersaults, tucked *

Then dives I can actually practice at home:

1 m, 100A, forwards feet first, straight
1 m, 101B, forwards dive, pike
1 m, 102B, forwards one somersault, pike
1 m, 103B, forwards one-and-a-half somersaults, pike
1 m, 103D, forwards one-and-a-half somersaults, free *
1 m, 105C, forwards two-and-a-half somersaults, tuck *
1 m, 200A, backwards feet first, straight
1 m, 201B, backwards dive, pike
1 m, 202C, backwards one somersault, tuck
1 m, 202B, backwards one somersault, pike *
1 m, 204C, backwards two somersaults, tuck *
1 m, 301C, reverse dive, tuck
1 m, 302C, reverse one somersault, tuck
1 m, 302B, reverse one somersault, pike *
1 m, 401B, inwards dive, pike
1 m, 403C, inwards one-and-a-half somersaults, tuck
1 m, 5122B, forwards one somersault with one twist *

3 m, 5132D, forwards one-and-a-half somersaults with one twist, free *
3 m, 201A, backwards fall dive, straight *
3 m,204C, backwards two somersaults, tuck *

5 m, 103B, forwards, one-and-a-half somersaults, pike *
5 m, 201A, backwards fall dive, straight *
5 m, 201C, backwards sitting dive, tuck *

And a couple of dives I need to polish a bit:

1 m, 106,5C, forwards three-and-a-quarter somersault, tuck **
3 m, 106,5C, orwards three-and-a-quarter somersault, tuck **

* New since last time
** For your pleasure, not mine, the dives are roughly identical, and if you watch them in slow motion, you will see that I hit the water face first, which hurts like hell


The similarities compared with last time might seem more salient than the differences, but I assure you that much has happened. My dives before takeoff is not particularly good, but much better than last year. My piked positions begin to at least vaguely resemble piked positions. I have added some height to most dives, but I still fall outwards way too much and I am still have much height to gain from the springboard (I think that is pretty obvious when looking at the takeoff). Also, although not visible in this report, I have learnt to stand on my hands properly (76 seconds record).

My prime concern is my interaction with the springboard before takeoff, which is out of sync and in general not very good. I have the strength to jump a lot higher, but I will have to work on my ability to use that power. Also, I need to stop falling outwards and start diving upwards instead. Another nemesis of mine is backwards and reverse dives (complete somersaults are OK, it is just the head-first dives I cannot manage), which I have already begun to work with.

I still enjoy diving immensely and will continue to practice as much as I can. However, this term I will limit myself to three sessions a week, since I have a lot of other things I need and/or want to do and practicing more costs too much. That should, however, be sufficient to present some sort of progress in the next report. See you in June.

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Simhopp våren 2007

I det här inlägget ska jag prata om min nya fritidssysselsättning, simhopp. Det är inte helt sant att den är ny, eftersom jag hoppat sporadiskt på egen hand tidigare. Nytt för den här terminen är dels att jag börjat hoppa på riktigt med instruktör och dels att jag hoppat mycket mer (5525 minuter eller 92 timmar enligt min profil på FunBeat). För er som inte är intresserade av jämförelser och analyser av min hoppning går det förstås bra att bara kika på filmklippen (filmklipp i .mov från hösten 2006 finns här) som är i MPEG-1 formate Om de inte fungerar att titta på direkt, prova högerklicka och ladda hem (spara som) filen.

1 meter, 1,5 volt framåt, grupperad
1 meter, 2 volter framåt, grupperad (magplask*)
1 meter, 2,75 volt framåt, grupperad (maxvolt**)
1 meter, huvudhopp bakåt, pikerad
1 meter, 2 volter bakåt, grupperad (maxvolt**)
1 meter, huvudhopp tyska, pikerad
1 meter, 1,5 volt tyska, grupperad

3 meter, 1,5 volt framåt, grupperad
3 meter, 2,5 volt framåt, grupperad
3 meter, 1,5 volt tyska, grupperad

5 meter, 1,5 volt framåt, grupperad
5 meter, huvudhopp tyska, grupperad
5 meter, handstående 1 volt framåt, grupperad

* För er njutning, inte min
** Hopp med maximal rotation utan tanke på landning

Den enskilt största skillnaden på min hoppning nu och i höstas är förmodligen ansatsen. Tidigare visste jag inte hur den skulle se ut, och även om den inte är vidare bra idag, har jag i alla fall gjort ett seriöst försök att göra rätt. Jämför till exempel ansatsen i dessa två hopp:

2006-10-04: 1 meter, 1,5 volt framåt, pikerad
2007-06-09: 1 meter, 1,5 volt framåt, grupperad

Ansatsen är så avgörande för hoppningen att skillnaden i känsla förmodligen är ännu större än vad den är i utseende. Det är inte bara det att det blir högre om man gör rätt, men rytm, vinkel och annat gör att man får mycket bättre kontroll. Naturligtvis har jag mycket kvar att jobba på, framförallt är jag fortfarande alldeles för mesig (det vill säga, jag tar inte i så mycket jag kan, vilket nog syns). I sommar tänker jag försöka träna upp hopphöjden lite, men jag väntar med att skriva om det till nästa måndag då jag drar igång det träningsprogrammet.

Sammanfattningsvis har det varit väldigt kul att hoppa den här terminen. Jag har hittat en fritidssysselsättning jag trivs med och där träningsmängden begränsas av hur ofta det finns möjlighet att träna, inte av hur ofta jag har lust eller orkar. Hur länge det håller i sig är förstås omöjligt att svara på, men just nu känns det som om jag hittat rätt.

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Earlier this week, Daniel and I shot some video, as well as some photographs, of our diving. This is something we have been doing since before the summer, but we still think that we have made considerable progress anyway. We dive solely on our own and the lack of a qualified instructor is hampering us somewhat, even though we do it only because we enjoy it. We are too old to become really good at it anyway.

I have not yet found a convenient way of publishing image galleries, so for the time being, you will only be able to watch the video recordings. There is one picture that I have to publish right away, though (I am doing a straight backward somersault from the 3-metre springboard if that is not apparent):

And now over to the video recordings:

1 metre, 1 backward, 0.5 twist (sorry for the delay)
1 metre, 1.5 forward, piked
1 metre, 1 forward, 0.5 twist
1 metre, 2 forward, tucked (sorry for the delay)
1 metre, 1 inward, tucked
1 metre, 0.5 reverse, tucked

3 metres, 1 backward, straight
3 metres, 1 forward, piked
3 metres, 1 inward, tucked
3 metres, 1 reverse, tucked

I feel that it is rewarding to look on myself like this, especially in slow motion. Not because I think I am good looking, but because I see much that I need to improve. Next time we bring cameras, we will hopefully be able to see at least some improvement and possibly a few new tricks as well. Finally, I would like to thank Daniel for bringing the cameras and for filming/photographing.

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