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If there is anything in cyberspace I dread, it’s upgrading software I rely heavily on. WordPress, i.e. the content management system which powers this website, is a good example. What if something goes wrong? What if the database is wrecked and I can’t replace it with the backup? What if something else goes wrong? In short, I really hate upgrading WordPress, even though it’s one of the simplest upgrading process I know of. It took me around 10 minutes to upgrade, mostly because of file transfers and backups.

Well, it’s done now, so the site should work a little bit better and be a little bit safer. I also took the opportunity to add a notification by e-mail function for comments. There are other reasons for me to upgrade as well, but I’ll talk more about that in another post. Please help me look around the site. Does everything work as it should? Can you see anything that looks weird? Please let me know!

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Some of you might have noticed that over the past weeks, tags have been added to the posts on this website. I’ve done this gradually and over quite some time, so even though I’ve used more than one thousand different tags, it really wasn’t that tedious to do (besides, most of the tags are simply paste/cut from the post content). Doing this, I listened to audio books at the same time (No Country for Old Men and Use of Weapons), so even though I think it should be mostly correct, I’d be grateful if you report any inconsistencies you might find. Suggestions for how to improve tagging are also welcome.

I view tags as a freer form of categories, further specifying and categorising the post. Previously, I’ve been forced to use the search function to group things together. For instance, if I wanted to link to my reviews of Stephen R. Donaldson‘s Gap Cycle, I had to make a link to a search query, which would return any results containing the words “Gap Cycle”, thus returning a lot of posts (such as this one) which mentions the Gap Cycle, but contains no information about it whatsoever. Now, I can link to a tag called the Gap Cycle, and, voila, the five reviews are displayed properly. This is of course just an example, there are lots of other advantages, such as making it easier for the visitor to find similar or related posts.

Going through old posts, I also noticed that pingbacks were disabled for a large majorit of the site’s content (I’ve no idea why), so enabling them lead to a huge increase in comments (pingbacks count as comments). This means that the recent comments is cluttered for now, but that should be back to normal as soon as people comment on new articles. The idea is of course that pingbacks should be updated when they appear, not one thousand at a time.

The tags can be used in two ways. First, in the Archive, they are displayed as a cloud containing the 50 most popular tags, and as an alphabetical list containing all tags (1069 at present). Second, in the footer of each post, the dags attached to that post is listed, making it easy to find other posts using the same tag. For instance, in order to view other posts like this one, find and click the tag “Site related” below. Third, I hope that there will some day be a powerful search function in WordPress, which would allos the visitor to combine various categories and tags, this enabling a display of, say, all Reviews, In English of Hugo-award winning novels written by Lois McMaster Bujold. Alas, that is yet in the future, but tags are here now and they are here to stay.

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I hate upgrading WordPress, even though it’s definitely not any fault of the software or the upgrading procedure, because it’s very easy and it has so far never failed. Still, I worry. Perhaps because if something goes wrong, I don’t know how to fix things on my own and would need help.

Anyway, I’ve now updated WordPress to the latest version and most things seem to be functioning normally. So far, I’ve found the following problems. If you find anything else that isn’t working properly, please let me know!

– Chinese and Swedish characters aren’t displayed properly
– The post listings for the categories are ugly
– The feed isn’t working

This is the first step in my attempt to redesign and restructure this website, let’s hope the process continues as smoothly as it has now begun.

Update, unicode problem: Chinese (中文) and Swedish (åäö) alike should be displayed properly now. The problem arises when converting to new versions of WorpPress, but by changing a few parameters, it’s possible to let WordPress revert to the old way of handling charactersets. The solution to the problem can be found here.

Update, ugly post listings: The plugin I use, customizable post listings, had some new syntax that wasn’t compatible with older versions, but it should be working now.

Update, feed not working: No progress, but I’ve found tons of other people with similar problems, but as yet no solution that works. I’ve specified the problem a bit here.


I just spent a 20-minute nervous breakdown upgrading to the latest version of WordPress. Fortunately, everything seems to have turned out satisfactory, except that the icons used for WYSIWYG-editing of posts have disappeared. However, I can still write raw code and since the posts are seldom complicated, this is not much of a problem.

I have also changed more stuff from Swedish to English, such as the comment form, the about page and other less important instances. If anyone finds anything broken, in Swedish (with the obvious exception of posts and comments) or otherwise strange, please let me know.


Idag infångades en hög spam som fick mätaren att passera 1000 blockerade spamkommentarer här på sidan. Jag använder ett spamverktyg kallat Akismet och jag måste säga att det fungerat helt felfritt sedan installationen. Inte en enda gång har den sorterat fel eller missat något. Otroligt bra, peppar peppar.

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WordPress 2.0.2

Jag har nu uppdaterat WordPress till 2.0.2 och jag var överlycklig över att det fungerade smärtfritt. Det var igår det, innan jag upptöckte att alla å, ä och ö från databasen har konverterats till ?. För ett ögonblick trodde jag att det var själva källan som var problemet, men så var det inte. Istället gick det bra att ändra teckenuppsättning och nu verkar allting fungera. Yay.


WordPress rullar

Nu börjar jag få ordning på saker och ting med WordPress. Det har legat nere ett tag och fungerat lite halvcrapigt. Det är fortfarande en del att göra, men det är mest petsaker. Rollspelssidan fungerar inte alls än, men i övrigt bör det fungera relativt bra. Nu börjar jag hänga med på hur det fungerar. Tack Hannes för hjälpen hittills. Frågan om jag ska orka göra om allt på ett vettigt sätt kvarstår. Som det är nu så fungerar det, men koden ser för jävlig ut på de flesta ställen.

Uppdatering: Jag har tagit bort möjligheten att kommentera den här nyheten. Den verkar dra till sig spam värre än en honungsburk drar till sig bin.


Snigel bygger om


Det var länge sedan. Sidan har varit nere ett tag, men nu är det dags att slemma sig vidare på livets väg. Jag har bytt server och bor numera hos Hannes, vars hemsida ni kan hitta på www.kendoka.se . Tack så mycket, Hannes. Jag vill också passa på att tacka David för min tid hos honom. Det blev nästan ett år och han har varit en ypperlig värd.

Jag har också bytt artikelsystem till WordPress, istället för MovableType som jag körde innan. Som ni ser (eller kommer att se) är sidan inte färdig än, men jag tyckte att det var bättre att lägga upp det jag har och rätta till saker när jag har tid. Jag ber er ha överseende med att mycket inte fungerar som det ska ännu, men jag hoppas kunna få iordning på sidan så småningom. Nu kan man i alla fall titta in och säga hej!

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Av flera skäl har jag valt att flytta sidan från Yyrkoons server till Hannes. Det beror mest på att jag har mycket mer kontakt med Hannes för att han bor tio minuters cykel härifrån. Jag vill passa på att tacka Yyrkoon för tiden på hans server och också tacka Hannes för att www.snigel.nu får bo hos honom. Tack!

Uppdatering: Jag har tagit bort möjligheten att kommentera den här nyheten. Den verkar dra till sig spam värre än en honungsburk drar till sig bin.

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